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Marijuana Initiative: Signature Gatherers Mobilize in Kitsap

March 12th, 2010 by josh farley

Marijuana legalization advocates have gone to work in Kitsap. Supporters of Initiative 1068 held meetings on Bainbridge, in Poulsbo and in East Bremerton this past week.

Greg Jablonski, one of the chairs of Sensible Washington in Kitsap County, had a turnout of about two dozen people at the Sylvan Way branch of the Kitsap Regional Library. Many who came out Wednesday not only signed petitions, but agreed to collect signatures as well.

Charles Voyce, the other chairman for the campaign in Kitsap County, said he’s passionate about legalizing pot.

“I believe adults should be free to do what they want, within limits,” said Voyce.

Here’s the text of the initiative, per the secretary of state’s Web site:

“This measure would remove state civil and criminal penalties for persons eighteen years or older who cultivate, possess, transport, sell, or use marijuana. Marijuana would no longer be defined as a “controlled substance.” Civil and criminal penalties relating to drug paraphernalia and provisions authorizing seizure or forfeiture of property would not apply to marijuana-related offenses committed by persons eighteen years or older. The measure would retain current restrictions and penalties applicable to persons under eighteen.”

Sensible Washington wants to collect 320,000 signatures by July to provide a cushion for the required 241,000.

“We’re just getting started,” Jablonski said.

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14 Responses to “Marijuana Initiative: Signature Gatherers Mobilize in Kitsap”

  1. Hunter Says:

    They could get plenty of signatures at a Bainbridge council meeting. From the way the council voiced their opinions on pot, they are all for letting marijuana remain legal on the island. They should also legalize drug paraphernalia as well, since it makes no sense to have two conflicting laws. Put March 24, 2010 on your calendar, that is when the Bainbridge council will again capitulate and shouldn’t take much pushing to get them to outright legalize all marijuana-related issues on the island.

  2. Willy Says:

    Thank God we are not taxing the rather benign intoxicant.

    The tens of millions of dollars a tax on marijuana could produce would easily overfill our coffers.

    And make the Treasurer’s job that much harder.

  3. james Says:

    this is something that should have ben down a long time ago i hate anti pot smoker haters we should make alcohol e legal thats the number 1 drug that screws over every 1 and also hurts people too .
    We the people of america need to stand up for our rights and do wat we think is right damn it im so sick of hear in crap about pot smokers its stupid alll u dumb ass people that dont want to r worried im mean come on how many people get hurt while smoking pot huh think about it letsall pull our heads out of our ass es and legalize the the stuff we will all get something out of it and even u gov people will cuz like everything else u will tax the shit out of it on us so just do it and get it over it damn u stupid people but thank u for letting me put my 2 cents into this

  4. james Says:

    please just legalize this stubstance lol and lets all be happy lol “””dont worry be happy “”””

  5. Brian Says:

    I’ll sign the initiative petition, but if the voters pass it in November I fear it will meet the same fate as some of our other recent initiatives – i.e., being shot down in the Legislature or in the courts.

  6. Tami Says:

    This is great! A perfect revenue generator for the State and a business opportunity for some entrepreneurs.

  7. Gypsyb Says:

    I don’t believe it will be shot down in legislature due to the VERY careful wording applied to this initiative. It doesn’t step on anyone’s toes so to speak. With more and more of our rights being taken away it’s time to get this one through. Has anyone considered the health bill DC is trying to get through can negate state rights on health care and could take away our right to medical marijuana the way it stands?
    We NEED it to assure all adults will have availability and not be subjects to the almighty pharmaceutical companies.

  8. Mary Says:

    I would like to know where the initiatives are available for signature?

  9. Jesse James Says:

    Hey guys, I just ran across this story on the net:

    looks like they’re voting on legalization in California.

  10. Bremertongreg Says:

    Now lets get marijuana legalized for people who cant get a doctors authorization or find it without breaking the law:
    Sign/volunteer to collect signatures for the I-1068 intitive to legalize:
    Next Kitsap/Bremerton meeting:
    Saturday April 3, 3pm to 5 pm
    Kitsap Regional Library meeting room
    Sylvan Way Branch
    1301 Sylvan Way
    East Bremerton, Wa 98310

    Support the cause!

    Where to sign I-1068:

    Fan us on Facebook.

    Friend us on MySpace:

    We’re on Twitter too.

  11. Beverly Dewan Says:

    Yes, where do I sign this initiative?!!

  12. Mama Marge Says:

    If you need more ppl to gather signatures I will gladly help… I am a disabled woman who is STILL trying to get my “card” and would very much like to help your (our) cause!!

    Thank you,
    Mama Marge W.

  13. john Says:

    yea I see what you say but this is a gate way drug . just a start. I here this’ never hurta anyone. there are many bad thinks this juat another,I’am sorry,just something more to make people dummer!

  14. Tami Says:

    There is a petition at Pied Piper, Callow Ave, Bremerton.

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