Here’s a Reason to Miss the Rain — Less Crime


The light drizzle came down on many parts of Kitsap this morning was likely met with the sighs of locals. “Mother Nature,” some likely wondered, “can you not spare our precious post-Fourth of July heat wave even for two days?”

And there may be more rain later in the week, too.

And so in anticipation for such summer precipitation, let me give you some reasons why a little drizzle is not worth dreading.

Aside from the obvious plus of summer rain — keeping our forests from burning up — it appears such showers can deter crime.

Rain, it seems, goes a long way in cooling heads. The summer heat can actually move people to commit horrible crimes, according to a recent New York Times story. ” … The prime time for murder is clear: summertime,” the story said. “Indeed, it is close to a constant, one hammered home painfully from June to September across the decades.”

I can think of one big reason homicides — indeed, all violent crimes — would decrease with the rain. People are more likely to stay inside, and thus, avoid confrontations with strangers.

What do you make of the Times’ theory? Does our rain help bring down crime?

One thought on “Here’s a Reason to Miss the Rain — Less Crime

  1. When I lived in Chicago my roommate was an ICU nurse, and from his stories there was no doubt more violent injuries happened when it was over 90 degrees. The theory at the hospital was along the same lines as yours — when people are uncomfortable (a 90-degree day in the Midwest usually includes humidity, and anyone without central air is outside among others who are similarly uncomfortable), small disagreements tend to escalate.

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