A ‘Brazen Daylight’ Burglary and their Pearl-white Ranchero is Gone


The Moyers live in “a nice, quiet, supposedly safe neighborhood,” along West Belfair Valley Road. But on Sunday, they had what husband John called “a huge eye opener.” They came home to find their 1964 pearl-white Ford Ranchero gone, in a “brazen daylight” theft, he said.

“The fact that someone in my family could have been killed or harmed by these criminals had we gotten back 10 minutes earlier, is a huge eye opener,” Moyer said.

They haven’t given up hope that their car will be found, and law enforcement has had some bites. “There have been a few sightings of the Ranchero, but by the time police arrive, it’s gone,” he said.

The Ranchero’s license plate number is B68910F, though that may have been chagned. It’s a 6 cylinder, 3 speed, and has some discoloration on rear driver side near back bumper. Anyone with information is urged to phone 911.

“Any help you can give in getting the word out, not to mention warning your readers that there’s dangerous daylight burglars out here, would be appreciated,” he said.

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