Could Port Orchard Run Bainbridge Island’s Police Force?

Updating an earlier post, it seems that two law enforcement agencies would entertain the idea of running the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer said a few weeks back that he would be open to discussions of running the department. And at a March planning meeting, Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola threw out the idea of having the Port Orchard Police Department take on the island’s policing, if such an endeavor could be profitable.

All of this is just speculation about the cash-strapped city for now. Reporter Tristan Baurick, writing in the Bainbridge Conversation blog, said island interim police chief Jon Fehlman has discarded such discussion as just the rumor mill in action.

“I don’t want to add credence to a rumor so I’m not going to address it,” he told Baurick March 30.

But could the Port Orchard Police Department actually run the Bainbridge force? The cities aren’t far from each other — if going by boat. By car, however, is another story.

Reporter Chris Henry chatted with Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola Monday afternoon about the prospect. Coppola envisions his city providing those services for a profit.

“We wouldn’t do it unless we were going to make extra money,” he said.

Coppola has spoken to Police Chief Al Townsend and the chief “seems to think we can do it.”

Coppola said the issue bears greater discussion once he’s assessed Bainbridge Island Mayor Darlene Kordonowy’s interest, which hasn’t happened yet.

“It hasn’t progressed far enough to see if it really works or not,” Coppola said.

17 thoughts on “Could Port Orchard Run Bainbridge Island’s Police Force?

  1. “Coppola envisions his city providing those services for a profit.”

    Yeah. Name me one of our local government’s recent schemes that have turned a “profit”. This is just more of the egotistical quest for empire (and financial shenaniganism) that has gotten so many of our jurisdictions into financial despair.

    If the City of Bainbridge Island is incapable of providing core services to it’s citizens either 1) the Mayor and the City Council should be replaced or 2) the City should dis-incorporate.

  2. Is he serious?? How much power does this guy need before he’s happy? Port Orchard is by far the LEAST logical agency to run Bainbridge, for heaven’s sake, just based on distance! Does he have a fleet of boats ready to take over just in case? All paid for by taxpayers of course! Jeez, somebody needs to knock this guy off his self imposed pedestal!!

  3. Blue Light hit it. The COBI does need to seriously consider dis-incorporation. Let it go back to the way it was befoore with Winslow as the city. Let the sheriff’s department cover the island. I live on Braindead and am disgusted with the total waste of taxpayer dollars, lack of financial savvy of the council persons that have formed a voting block to vote for even more inane spending of dollars that are not there and then to top it off, they want to borrow from the water district? Where is the logic in that? Oh, it’s Braindead so there is no logic!

  4. This must be a joke – as incompetent as the the elected officials and the bureacrats on the island are – Coppola cannot ber serious.

  5. The KC Sheriff’s Office is based in PO…they could access BI by boat if need be and do a great job for BI – as they already do for the county.

    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

  6. The Sheriff’s office has a satellite in Silverdale and one in Kingston, Sharon, at least they used to. Port Orchard doesn’t have nearly enough staff and they’ve never patrolled outside of Port Orchard…KCSO already patrols the rest of the county and had Bainbridge in their jurisdiction years ago. Makes much more sense for them to do it than Port Orchard.

  7. and before Coppola and the City of Port Orchard could wrangle this deal, the City of Bremerton’s already swooped in with their black and whites…just like SKIA.

  8. “Makes much more sense for them to do it than Port Orchard.”

    They WERE doing it. And then the people of Bainbridge decided they didn’t want to send THEIR tax money to Kitsap County and decided they could do the job better themselves.

    No, afraid not. You want to be a city, you have to provide city services. Neither the taxpayers of unincorporated Kitsap County NOR the taxpayers of Port Orchard should have THEIR service providers devote any of their time to an incorporated entity. Perhaps the City of Bainbridge Island should re-prioritize their to-do list. Remove things like: acquire more open space, fund art guilds, etc. and move up things like: fund the police department, maintain the roads.

    The people of Port Orchard shouldn’t have to eat BI’s vegetables while the people of Bainbridge eat cake.

  9. The BI folks are too aware and health conscious to eat cake, not vegetables…the PO/SK folks are too…

    sun, in the olden days KCSO did indeed travel from PO/SK through-out Kitsap County…before Silverdale had a office. I didn’t know Kingston had a satellite SO too.

    It seems silly for anyone to imagine PO police taking care of crime outside their own area, profit in it or not.
    No one took it seriously, did they?
    They’re hard pressed to keep up with the drunks rolling out of the abundance of downtown bars in PO, aren’t they? Plus the tragic other crimes they face and deal with from unexpected and formally respected citizens.

    PO/SK folks used to be self-sufficient, independent, and knew how to take care of themselves in emergencies.

    I think BI learned the hard way how unprepared they were for emergencies…that they need to be better prepared, not depend on island grocery stores to carry an unlimited amount of products for islanders.

    I think islanders have their priorities in the right order…they know the meaning of a quality lifestyle but need to work in a few additional goals too. Good law enforcement is vital for all communities.
    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

  10. “The BI folks are too aware and health conscious to eat cake, not vegetables…the PO/SK folks are too… ”

    …in response to your, “The people of Port Orchard shouldn’t have to eat BI’s vegetables while the people of Bainbridge eat cake.”

    Blue Light …

  11. Mine was metaphor, Sharon. Your’s was something else. And you didn’t answer the question. The People of PO/SK are too… what? In your opinion?

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