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Seen on the Street: An Officer and a Skateboarder

April 4th, 2009 by josh farley

A coworker of mine was walking in downtown Bremerton Friday when he saw a skateboarder heading down the middle of the street.

A Bremerton cop came up from behind the skateboard and told the young man riding the board to stop. The skateboarder hastily kicked up his board, my coworker said, and, well, didn’t give the officer the warmest of receptions.

The cop was straight and to the point with the young man about his unlawful ride. “Do you want to say ‘thank you very much officer,’ or do you want a citation,” the officer asked.

Changing his apparent tune, the young man gave a polite wave and went on his way, my coworker said.

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One Response to “Seen on the Street: An Officer and a Skateboarder”

  1. Donna Says:

    Well I guess thats alot better than what my oldest grandson got from a PO cop! He had just switched his bike over to a friend for the friends skateboard and rode it MAYBE 10 feet and an officer of the city stopped him and said “he was tired of telling you kids to stop riding downtown”. That was the first and last time he had ever been on a board downtown!! The officer cited him a $103 ticket to a 16 year old kid.. who paid?? Mom or Gramma NO!! We would have had to but he did community service for 40 hours!! Go pick on someone that is REALLY a threat to the city!!! OR give these kids a skate park or two….

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