New Candy-like Club Drug Hits Kitsap’s Shores

West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team detectives got a bit of a surprise while working a case in November. Utilizing a police operative, they arranged a purchase of what they thought would bring in ecstasy, a popular club drug, from a known seller.

Instead, they got 103 pills, some of which were shaped like Transformers, the Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Photos at left courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News crime blog.)

“It looked just like candy,” said Carlos Rodriguez, the narcotics team’s sergeant. “If you were to have it in a bowl on a table, you would want to grab it and eat it.”

What Rodriguez found was that the pills were “BZP” — or Benzylpiperazine — an amphetamine-based drug that, much like ecstasy, increases alertness, the senses, your heart rate, and an overall sense of euphoria.

It also can cause seizures and acute psychosis, according to Wikipedia, and Rodriguez said the hangover is more severe than that of ecstasy.

It’s also cheap — about $7 to $10 a pill — when compared to other drugs, including meth, heroin, and cocaine.

Rodriguez said he’s been checking in with other drug enforcement task forces to ensure they’re aware of the drug, and they’ve been discussing strategies to combat it. But it’s still very early in the drug’s arrival.

One thought on “New Candy-like Club Drug Hits Kitsap’s Shores

  1. Since when are news reporters using WIKIPEDIA as a definitive source?
    Wouldn’t something akin to the FDA or the FBI been a relative and realistic source? Or the National Drug Intelligence Center…I found clinical studies from New Zealand’s health services dating back to 2006 on this subject in less than two minutes.

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