Sex Offender’s Arrival Causes Scare

A level 3 sex offender’s entrance into the Lake Cushman and Hoodsport community has generated a lot of concern.

So much in fact that the Mason County Sheriff’s Office has called for a formal meeting to discuss Bryant E. Freeman, 32, (pictured) who has registered at an address in the 100 block of North Quinault Place.

I asked Detective William Adam why the sheriff’s office was calling for such a meeting, to be held from 1-3 p.m. March 21 at the Mason County Fire District 18 station at 240 N. Standstill Drive. Was it because he’d been called by residents wanting to know more about this situation?

“Boy, that is an understatement,” he wrote me via email. “I have been inundated with people all over the Lake Cushman/Hoodsport area about this new (sex offender). I have even been contacted by the offices of State Legislators and Senators, saying that their constituents are bombarding their offices with complaints that this (sex offender) is in their neighborhood.”

The presentation will give Adam a chance to explain how Freeman, classified as a dangerous mentally ill offender who’d been convicted of rape, assault, and harassment in Thurston County in 2001, will live under the conditions of his release.

Adam said the meeting will also talk about how “the dangers of vigilante acts could disband any registration program in (the) State, and how neighborhoods can better safe-guard children.” There are more than 200 sex and/or kidnapping offenders living in Mason County.

They want to keep people safe, but also have an obligation to ensure “vigilantism” doesn’t occur, Adam told me.

“In my estimation and humble opinion, vigilantism is a worry anywhere in the USA wherever you have a public outcry regarding people’s interpretations of their rights versus other people’s rights,” he wrote. “Specifically, when dealing with the interpretation of what a person is able to do under the law to protect themselves versus the freedom and rights of those convicted and punished for any sexual assault crime(s) against children.”

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