Kitsap’s Number of Unsolved Robberies Could get Smaller

The arrest of a robbery suspect early Tuesday may help solve a few other crimes, Bremerton Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane has confirmed.

Immediately coming to my mind was a similar robbery at the same restaurant in December in which the suspect took an undisclosed amount of money, and, before leaving, forced employees into a freezer before having an employee let him out the back door of the restaurant.

Very similar fact pattern in Tuesday’s hold up. And you can’t help but feel for the employees at the restaurant, who’ve endured three robberies in the past year, including another one in May.

There are few crimes as serious as robbery. (Bear in mind that it’s incorrect if you say your house was “robbed” if the suspect got in and out with your stuff without confronting anyone. That’s burglary. A robbery means they’ve forcefully taken something, or threatened force to take something.)

Here’s a wrap up of a few other robberies that have occurred in the area over the past year in which police haven’t made arrests:

In January, an unknown suspect robbed a Central Kitsap bank, and got away.

In November, the AM/PM north of Silverdale was robbed, and no arrests have been made.

Last October, a suspect who burst into a gas mart on Bainbridge hasn’t been caught.

And finally, more brazen than those, county detectives have been investigating three takeover-style robberies whose suspects are — you guessed it — still at large.

One thought on “Kitsap’s Number of Unsolved Robberies Could get Smaller

  1. I notice that as a PC gesture the Kitsap Sun hasn’t chosen to describe any of the perpetrators of the above incidents – “a suspect” this and “a man” that, (not one description or vehicle or anything). Great Public service and real good journalism….once upon a time a detailed description would be published in keeping with the old Who what when where etc version of Journalism.

    Is it any wonder that all over the US so called “news” papers are going belly up.

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