Tensions over Border Patrol Checkpoints Continue to Simmer

The U.S. Border Patrol’s increased presence on the Olympic Peninsula continues to keep area residents fired up — on both sides of the debate.

The Peninsula Daily News reports that over the weekend, the Port Angeles-based Stop the Checkpoints group led 40 people in a protest of the checkpoint stops, which the Border Patrol has been randomly conducting since their staff on the peninsula ramped up from four to 24.

Meanwhile less than two miles away, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps — led by Hal Washburn, reportedly of Olalla — had about 100 people who promoted and praised the border patrol’s efforts to thwart illegal immigration on the peninsula.

The daily news also recorded a video of both, which you can watch here.

Since the border patrol’s increased arrival, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing in a state known for its libertarian roots. (Remember Gov. Gregoire’s proposed DUI checkpoints? Yeah, didn’t go over too well.) Nonetheless, they’re utilizing a federal law that allows them to stop and ID residents within 100 miles of any U.S. border.

2 thoughts on “Tensions over Border Patrol Checkpoints Continue to Simmer

  1. Internal, suspicionless checkpoints and roadblocks- as much as 100 miles from the border-

    How can a verbal citizenship check (Honor System) stop terrorists, drug smugglers illegal aliens or criminals?

    The professional terrorist would just say he was a US citizen, then he would be free to go.

    If the bad guys have cell phones, can’t they alert each other to a checkpoint by sending someone ahead to check things out?

    How will the gunboats that escort the ferries protect against a terrorist who is already on the boat? Will they direct their guns towards the ferry and have a shootout?

  2. next thing you know border patrol AND the coast gaurd might have to actually use something other than a new fangled 1940’s VHF radio to announce to any bad guy with a ten dollar VHF to make sure they know where border patrol is at all times! we should just hire some more with even more announcing to the bad guy capabilities eh?

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