Cops on Segways Coming to Bremerton

Running from the police? Well, if you’re in Bremerton, they’ll now be able to chase you by car, on foot and … on a Segway.

Westsound Bank is donating the facncy wheels to the department, who bought it in 2007 for company functions but no longer has a need for it, according to a press release.

And, to be fair, its use in apprehension of an eluding suspect is probably unlikely. But Bremerton Police Capt. Tom Wolfe sees a few areas of policing that it can aid.

“We had just completed a training and evaluation period with a Segway and found out that it had worked well in both an enforcement capacity and in increasing the amount of positive police community interaction,” Wolfe said in a statement. “Prior to Westsound Bank’s donation we were struggling with a way to provide this tool to our community and our officers,” Wolfe continued.

So, if you live in Bremerton, don’t be surprised if you see a Segway equipped with lights and sirens running around.

2 thoughts on “Cops on Segways Coming to Bremerton

  1. Lung patients use them to get around, one gentleman I know rigged his Segway to hold oxygen tanks.

    His Segway was a Christmas present from his wife and gave him a new lease on life.
    He takes his out on trails, beach and meetings, indoor and out. He would be hard pressed if he had to chose between wife and his Segway.

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