New Roof Installation will Close Bremerton Court

Bremerton’s Municipal Court will close during the week of Oct. 6-10 for a roof replacement, according to court administrator Theresa Ewing.

The Pacific Avenue court, which handles all misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor crimes in Bremerton’s city limits, will delay its caseload for a week. The exception, Ewing said Monday, is for arraignments and initial court appearances, which will be held instead at Kitsap County District Court during that week.

The court has been subject to recent scrutiny by Bremerton’s city auditor, Gary W. Nystul. In a recent report, he said the city had not acted on a $13 million bond passed by voters to improve both the police department and the city’s court.

The plan was to house both cops and the court at Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue. But the police eventually got the old credit union building at 1025 Burwell Street, while the court didn’t get much in the way of improvements, Nystul said.

I guess, in that way, a roof’s a start.

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