NK’s Wave of Strange, Tragic Crime Continues

An attempted shooting Sunday night on the Port Gamble S’Klallam reservation  is the latest in what has been a bizarre, all-too-tragic year of criminal activity in Kitsap County’s north end.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but nary a homicide had occurred in North Kitsap — Poulsbo city limits northward — for about a decade before last October.

Today, two men await trial for alleged murders that occurred in Kingston. David Robert Adams was arraigned Aug. 4 in the strangling death of Richard Hugh Jones Jr. And last October saw the stabbing death of Jeffrey Allen McKinstry, whose son Garrett McKinstry is believed by sheriff’s deputies to be the culprit.

Also, a burglary ring involving more than 100 break ins and $250,000 in property  was uncovered by sheriff’s deputies earlier this year that resulted in numerous arrests and convictions.

So what gives?

Perhaps the lesson here is that crime can occur anywhere, when we least expect it. A number of our site commenters have in the past taken issue with Bremerton as the county source for crime. But it is clearly not limited to B-town’s city limits.

One thought on “NK’s Wave of Strange, Tragic Crime Continues

  1. Poulsbo is known as a population of hard working innovative people… they had so much on their plate committing a crime wasn’t a thought or blip on their energy screen.

    Crime happens when people have nothing to do or too much time to do it in. Providing entertainment for our kids isn’t always the best thing to do…giving them jobs … a role in life, duties they can perform, makes them feel worthwhile and needed.

    Providing entertainment and not giving people high standards to reach toward…ensures no standards …and no role in life… so why not crime? We give people nothing to strive for…and so they will reach our expectations. None.
    As I see it… Sharon O’Hara

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