Deputy Saves Fawn who Lost Its Mother in Crash


If this story doesn’t tug at your heart strings, I don’t know what will.

Mason County Sheriff’s Deputy Kelly LaFrance was patrolling Highway 3 near Grapeview a little after 9 p.m. June 1 when she came upon an accident scene.

There was a large amount of blood that trailed off into the woods and she followed it, soon coming upon a young fawn who she determined had lost its mother after she’d been hit by a car.

LaFrance ran to her car, grabbed a blanket, and scooped the fawn (pictured with LaFrance) up.

State fish and wildlife officer Matt Jewett picked up the fawn and took it to the “We are One” wildlife rescue and rehab center run by a woman named Tammy Yuth, where it is recovering.

LaFrance is quite accomplished in her role as deputy. As a field training officer and two-time medal of valor winner, she’s also been Mason County deputy of the year, I’m told.

(Note from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office: Regular citizens shouldn’t try to handle young animals in the wild, because of the possibility a mother or father could decide to protect their young with violent maneuvers.)

Special thanks to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Jensen for letting us know about this uplifting story.

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