Still Feeling the Sting of that Latest Traffic Ticket?


You know the drill: you’re driving down (insert roadway) when all the sudden your rear view mirror lights up with red and blue.

The shock is soon overcome with one of two responses: either fear (what did I do?) or humility (I just got caught red handed).

I’m looking for a few good motorists to tell their stories about traffic tickets. This isn’t the first time we’ve had this request, however, I am planning a story in which your tale could be featured. Don’t be shy now!

Conversely, local law enforcement officials have recently told me traffic complaints outnumber all others. Therefore there are many of you out there that are happy John or Jane Q. Kitsap got said ticket, and are hoping he/she learned a lesson. I’d like to hear from those tired of speeders shooting by their homes as well.

7 thoughts on “Still Feeling the Sting of that Latest Traffic Ticket?

  1. I was driving north on Hwy 3 out of Gorst when a maroon Chevy Malibu started speeding up and slowing down behind me, when we passed the shipyard exit I moved to the right to allow this car to pass. He moved over with me and backed off a little, then I approached another car in the right so moved to the left to pass when the Malibu followed me and sped up to signal that he wanted to pass me, I again moved to the right lane and he followed. Once again I changed lanes to the left to pass another car when he followed me and again sped up, so I sped up and passed the car on the right and quickly changed lanes for him to pass. Then the Malibu lights up like a Christmas tree and pulls me over. When the officer pokes his head in my passenger window and tells me that I was following a car too close, I said I was further from the car in front of me than he was to my rear. Needless to say, don’t argue with the guy in uniform…he then said, “by the way, you were speeding also”. He then wrote me a citation for 2 infractions, following too close and speeding.

    Since this happened I have witnessed similar situations with other drivers, and most recently, a marked State Patrol was driving in the left lane doing 55 with a long line of cars behind him. Then as we approached the Silverdale exit, he sped up to I would guess at least 70 mph. Just as I saw this, I noticed 2 motorcycle troopers on the shoulder with their radar guns a blazing….if that is not bating, I don’t know what is.

  2. Heading southbound on 3, I exit at Loxie Eagans to go home. Traffic entering the Hwy from Autocenter Way required me to speed up to get into right hand lane and to get to my exit. Although the officer understood WHY and agreed I had not driven recklessly – he ticketed me for speeding. Honestly, had I remotely endangered someones life this would be understandable punishment.. this reeked of meeting a quota.

  3. “traffic complaints outnumber all others.” really!? i’m curious if the red light cameras (and additional 5 officers) are helping free up their time/reduced complaint/increased their ability to re-focus on other issues, investigate and solve crimes, make real arrests? supported with statistics? More Cameras in the works like speeding through school or contruction zones?
    What is the deal with completely unmarked / atypical cars to make traffic stops such as speeding. i remember hearing years ago “to never stop for an un-marked car with police lights” because of the danger of an imposter pulling over females, in particular, at night . . .
    i saw a small white pick up truck speeding down my street one night with police lights flashing in the grill. cop? idk! is all this money /time spent on unmarked, atypical, single purpose, completely outfitted with lights and radio in addition to aircraft really cost effective, necesary, appropriate. is all this protecting and serving? targeting the taxpayer on his way to work or the single mom trying to get her kids to school before she has to get coffee for her boss?
    Police seem to be spending alot off time looking for speeders on marine drive were i live; speed bumbs might cost less. they worked well on south cambrian were i used to live and police rarely patrolled or does the the income level of the complaining residents have something to do with what they get: cops or bumps?
    i got a ticket for speeding recently riding my motorcycle to work at midnight ( noone else on road)on sixth 35 in a 25. 11th, 6th, warren ave and burwell really should all be 35mph gettin people through town. felt bad for taking up so much of his time when there is so much criminal activity in west bremerton that deserves his attention. i’m fightin it so i’ll take up some more of his time and the judges, clerks etc.

  4. Not that anyone is seeing this, I still feel it necessary to announce that my double ticket received by a State Trooper, (described in the first post) was dismissed by the courts today. I just want to say to the Staters, Sheriffs and locals…Quit bating innocent drivers and get the real speeders and road ragers!

  5. Who is ultimately responsible for making the decision to actually “take” the so called “bait”? hmmmm.

    “Get the real speeders and road ragers”? Why so they can go to court and whine their way into getting their tickets dismissed? Wait…that just worked for someone here. Hmmm…who was that?

  6. I’ll start with I am pleased to find out that there is at least 1 other person following this blog…as for Colleen’s comments I have the following to say.

    “Why so they can go to court and whine their way into getting their tickets dismissed?”

    No whining here, it’s part of the legal system we have in place. I believe that is why there are 3 boxes to choose from on the back of the ticket, one of them giving us the ability to contest. I chose to let my story be told and apparently this is not the first time this judge has heard this, and chose to dismiss the infractions. If that bothers you, sorry for you, but I am pleased with the results. Try going to court some time to watch what happens, not everyone gets their tickets dismissed.

    Needless to say, like it or not, baiting is against the law. The officers we pay to protect and defend us are only to enforce the laws that being broken, not get you to break them to meet quotas. There are plenty of speeders and road rage drivers out there that they need not create more problems on the roadways.

    Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the work the men and women of law enforcement do for us, I just think we all need a checks and balances system to ensure that we don’t over step our bounds.

    And for your last comment;

    “Wait…that just worked for someone here. Hmmm…who was that?”

    That would be me ;>)

  7. Terrence, glad to see that you have a sense of humor and the ability to share it. That attribute is rather lacking in some of the other blogs.

    What one person might consider to be a baiting situation might not be another’s. I see State Patrol Officers slowing down and speeding up all the time especially in the left hand passing lane. Many times I see that they are slowing down to get a closer look at a particular vehicle. Maybe it matches the description of a vehicle that was involved in a crime and they have been instructed to be on the look out for it? A closer look may show that it is not the vehicle in question so the officer speeds up and moves on. I would not consider this to be baiting. Others viewing these actions and looking for excuses may consider it to be so. No one is forcing them to exceed the speed limit when the officer does. If they are foolish enough to do so because their personal inconvenience factor has been impacted and they feel the need to save either time or face, then frankly they deserve any ticket they receive for their infraction.

    You are correct; the delay in the posts for the blogs versus the instant ability on the stories has significantly reduced the amount of “written” traffic on some of these topics. No speeding going on around here.

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