County Poised to Change Roadside Memorial Policy

It’s been six years since Kitsap County created its roadside memorial policy, one that cleared the way for its light-blue signs aimed at reminding motorists where a person was killed in an alcohol-related crash.

Six years is also the same amount of time the county decreed that each sign would last. But Marsha Masters, Kitsap County’s local MADD chapter president, has been pushing to change that.

The Kitsap County Commissioners heard arguments June 2 in favor of expanding the six year time frame to 10 years. They’ve also discussed making it possible for the “sponsor” of a sign to buy a new one ($350) when it lives to 10 years old.

There isn’t a time frame yet on when the commissioners will vote on the changes, but I’m planning a story for if and when that takes place.

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