Woman’s Tragic Death Continues Strange Kitsap Trend


We’re learning more about Linda Malcom, the woman who was apparently stabbed to death sometime before a fire at her Sidney Avenue home early Wednesday.

According to the Journal-Register of Springfield, Ill., who talked to Linda’s sister, Dianna, Malcom attended Southeast High School and joined the Navy in the early 1980s. Stationed in Washington, she remained here after she was discharged, the paper reported.

We also know she worked at the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office, according to former deputy prosecuting attorneys Robert Naon and Stan Glisson, for whom she once served as legal assistant. The courthouse is just a few blocks from where she lived on 1147 Sidney Avenue.

Following her time at the prosecutor’s office, she worked for Ron Ness’ law firm, also in Port Orchard, for three years. Recently, she’d been employed by Bob Houle, a Belfair attorney, Ness said. Her sister and a neighbor have said she had planned to move and was headed for a job at the Social Security Administration.

Picking up on an earlier blog, Kitsap really doesn’t have very many homicides (after a particularly grim 2005 with eight, there were three in 2006 and one in 2007.

The most unusual thing about the ones we have (at least recently) is that they’ve all been stabbings.

Around the state in 2006, 32 homicides were stabbings — about 17 percent of the state’s total, said the Washington Association of Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs. Since a brother killed his sister with an axe in Bremerton in 2006, the five homicides since (including that one) have been with sharp force objects.

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  1. First of all my thoughts and prayers are with her family/friends.What an awful thing to happen! Lynda has a heart of gold,always so cheerful and would do anything to help a friend. This is a huge loss to many.She will be greatly missed,she is a dear friend of mine. Love you woman.peace.

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