Kitsap County Jail: How was Your Stay?

Angela Smith-Dice, our web guru here at the Kitsap Sun, made an interesting discovery Monday night on

Ex-Inmates of Kitsap Co. Jail wanted for Online Interview (Kitsap County)

WE are looking for former inmates of the Kitsap County Jail for an online
interview. The information provided will be used for an informational
website about the Kitsap County Jail and what individuals preparing to serve
time there can expect.

I emailed the company that is doing the interview and got a quick response. Turns out, the company, called Jail Media, is setting up sites across the country so people can see how different facilities operate, and, as the blurb above says, what people can expect in serving time there.

Go see some of the jails they’ve already posted at their web site. Kitsap is to have its own site soon, a spokesperson from the company said.

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