KFC: Terrorism Victim

Andrew Binion writes:

Vandalism at a Bremerton Kentucky Fried Chicken last week may have indeed been the work of a network of direct-action animal-rights activists.

An e-mail received Monday from a representative from the Animal Liberation Front Press Office, which is a sort of an independent PR operation, said that the vandalism at the Naval Avenue KFC was likely the work of the group.

Press officer Jerry W. Vlasak, MD, a spokesman for the press office, wrote:

No communique has been received regarding this action, although many
times one is never sent, or sent days or weeks later. That said, it
would appear to be a bona fide attack by the ALF, as the message is
consistent, and economic sabotage, no matter how small, is a known
tactic of the ALF. Any individual or group operating with the ideology
and under the guidelines of the ALF can consider themselves part of the

The press office relies on communiques from activists to tell it what is being done. However, as Vlasak noted, sometimes the communiques never arrive. It’s Web site features a photo of an imposing, black-clad, balaclava-kerchiefed guerrilla looking downright scary, holding a cute, little pink piglet. That’s hardcore.

These groups have been labeled “ecoterrorists” by their governmental and corporate targets (and, briefly, in the headline of our story). No doubt their tactics involve burning down buildings and other acts of destruction, and there is a good argument that property destruction is “violence.”

But terrorism is a loaded word and, as a Kitsap Sun reader commented, makes light of flying airplanes into buildings and blowing oneself, and others, up at a checkpoint.

Could a loose-knit group of unshaven critical theory majors bring American society to its knees with a can of flat black spray paint? There’s a name for that: “green scare,” as in “red scare.” (Click here for more on the controversy surrounding the definition of the word “terrorism.”)

This neck of the woods has been home to some notable ecofugitives, including former Jefferson County resident Justin Franchi Solondz, 28, wanted in connection to the 2001 fire at the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture.

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