Sergeant Receives Assignment from his Past

Bremerton Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane was subpoenaed to North Carolina this past week, on a rather unique assignment that saw him testify in a pre-trial hearing of a high-profile murder case.

Crane, who some of you will recognize from his duties as frequent public information officer for the department, was flown by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to testify at a pre-trial hearing for Tyrone Delgado.

Delgado will stand trial in March for the murder of Melissa Mooney, an FBI secretary, at Mooney’s North Carolina home in 1999.

Just what does Crane have to do with the case? It just so happens that Delgado lived in Bremerton.

In the early nineties, Crane dealt with Delgado and a former girlfriend of his when he was a patrol officer on graveyard shift. Delgado was arrested numerous times while he lived here, Crane said, including for domestic violence.

But it took North Carolina investigators about six years to find Delgado and link him to the crime, according to various news sources covering the pre-trial hearings. And the FBI has been tracking down former friends, acquaintances and others who had relationships with him to help prosecutors there establish “a pattern of behavior,” that shows he’s capable of that kind of violence.

Crane, and a domestic violence victim of Delgado’s that once lived in Bremerton, both testified at the hearings earlier this week.

Crane said he may go back in March to North Carolina, and testify in the actual trial, if the judge in the case finds Crane’s testimony admissible.

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