It Might Have Happened


This just in from my editor, Scott Ware, who provided me a page from the Methow Valley News in Twisp.

I guess I should give a disclaimer with this: it’s not a joke. It comes from the October 24 edition, and includes other small-town Code 911 stories such as:

“A trailer on French Creek was seen with its door open. It had never been seen that way before so the cops were called.”

“Some juveniles in Twisp were advised to move on.”

“Report of a hunter spotlighting a deer on Balky Road turned out to be a rancher looking for his steer.”

I guess the lesson here is that there are different levels of what makes good police “blotter,” or what we call Code 911 stories.

Lug nuts and PCP Taserings these are not.

One thought on “It Might Have Happened

  1. Whoa! Now that is my kinda place.
    The Methow Valley is noted for being among the best horse packing trips a person could find anywhere.
    Their ‘open door’ 911 calls must be a joy for the dispatcher to answer…and keeps them from falling asleep.
    Sharon O’Hara

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