Not Criminal … But Not Very Nice Either

June Tubbs of South Kitsap is a woman down on her luck.

The craigslist story she relayed to me isn’t necessarily criminal, but it is quite rude. And while her tale deviates a bit from the usual blog fodder you’ll find at the forum, it is something we can all learn from in the age of the Internet.

In short, she is the victim of the kind of cyber-bullying we’ve written much about in the Kitsap Sun.

Here’s her story in a letter she sent to us:

I recently placed an ad on craigslist as a “fund raiser” and I got a response so rude it made me cry.

I know the world is at hard times right now but I have to do my best at what I can do. Here’s my story. My father co-signed on a car for a relative 2 days before my mother had passed away last year. Unfortunately, the relative is no longer making payments on the car and it is to be repossessed.

Three months ago my father found out he had stage 4 cancer, and since they cannot operate, they pulled all of his teeth then put in a trackie and put in a feeding tube while also starting chemo and radiation right away.

I moved here from Blaine to care for he and my sister, who is developmentally disabled. I lost my job to make the move.

I am not worried about me; I can always bounce back. But then I got the news that my relative’s car got repossessed. They told me that I have to come up with the money to pay for the car (which is a lot of money) so I started a fundraiser on Craigslist.

That’s when the man responded rudely to my plea for help. He accused me of things I am not. He called me names, accused me of “scamming” and told me I am a bad speller. He didn’t have to respond to me that way especially while I am dealing with this situation. It kept me up all night long thinking about what has happened to people in the world today. I cried that someone could wish us so much hurt. I never did anything to this person and neither did my father.

So I wrote back to this person that caused me so much pain and wished him to learn how to love people in the world and I told him the truth: that I am not a scammer and I am sorry that I can’t spell well and I wished he was not so mean.

Then, he wrote back with more harmful words to explicit to write here.

I prayed for him last night and the world for people not to be so cold when everyone needs to care about one another.

If anyone would like to help us out, a benevolent account has been set up at Washington Mutual in regards to Lawrence Mooneyham. But a get well card or even a prayer will work too. And if anyone has any knowledge of helping me with this nightmare, please help.

-June Tubbs
South Kitsap

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