Monthly Archives: October 2007

An Out of State Strain

I apologize if I’ve been hitting readers of this blog over the head with prison issues lately, but they are a hot topic. Take an article in today’s Tacoma News Tribune, for example.

While the state focuses on its efforts to ensure felons don’t return to prison — thus negating the need for new jail beds — Washington’s corrections officials are sending those incarcerated to out of state prisons at increasing levels, writes Joseph Turner.

Turner writes: “… Washington soon will have 1,273 of its 18,500 inmates serving parts of their sentences at private prisons in Arizona, Minnesota and, now, Oklahoma.”

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Helping Felons Find Faith

State Senator Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood, one of the architects of the “re-entry” overhaul to the state’s prison system, is hoping religious organizations will play a bigger role when felons are released to their respective communities.

Carrell hosted an “interfaith meeting” of various faith-based groups last Wednesday, according to a press release, “To help facilitate the successful transition of released felony offenders back into the community.”

“It is only when individuals decide they must change, that real change can occur,” Carrell said in the release. “Recognizing the existence of a higher power is often a key to that change.”

How important do you think faith is in reintegrating a person from prison to life on the outside?

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