Monthly Archives: August 2007

Don’t Feel Guilty About Hanging Up on ‘Jury Duty’ Scam

Have you been called for jury duty lately? You’ll likely be asked some questions by a court clerk or administrator, but one thing they shouldn’t be queried about over the phone is your social security number or date of birth.

According to CBS News, the so-called “jury duty scam” is going around again, resurrected in an age when a social security number and date of birth can get a thief pretty far in stealing your identity.

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‘Bringing Back a Tangible Police Presence’

Has crime gone up in the area around the former patrol headquarters of the Bremerton Police Department?

According to a “one-man neighborhood watch” in Westpark, it has.

I received a letter today from that man and addressed to Bremerton Police Chief Craig Rogers. Here is most of the letter:

“To: Chief of Police, Bremerton, Craig Rogers

From: Westpark Senior Association
4910 Auto Center Way, Bremerton

Re: Reestablishing Police Presence in Westpark

Dear Chief Rogers,

Ever since the closing of the police sub-station on Auto Center Way, crime and gang activity is on the rise.

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