Identity Theives Going Postal

Josh Farley writes:

ID thieves are turning to their local post offices for their latest nefarious tricks, according to a story Saturday in the Seattle Times.

Their strategy combines some old, and some new, Times Reporter David Bowermaster reports. The old: they steal your credit card. The new: they use it at the post office, whose outer offices with stamp vending machines are often open 24-hours-a-day.

But how on Earth would you liquidate all those stamps?

Bowermaster wrote this:

Investigators are also trying to figure out exactly where all the purloined postage has gone, but much of it appears to have been sold online through eBay, said assistant U.S. Attorney Nicholas Brown.

About $62,000 in stolen stamps is alleged to have occurred in the Seattle area since January. The feds have arrested three men thus far in what may be a much wider-reaching ring, and it the story says they’ll be arraigned Thursday in U.S. District Court.

Sounds like we need to be cautious when — rather if — we’re buying stamps on eBay.

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