Crime and Justice Month in Review: May

It was a month of involving an Amber Alert, a crosswalk sting (pictured), and even a meth lab bust.

For all the month’s crime and justice news on the peninsula, click below.

May 31
Crosswalk Violations Sting Drivers

May 30
PO Woman, 19, Killed in Crash

May 25
4 Arrested in Raid of Suspected Poulsbo Meth Lab

May 24
Family Says NM Mother Often Left Sons Alone

May 13
School Principals Turn to Police to Handle Threats

May 12
Foul Play Not Suspected in Illahee Park Car Blaze

May 8
Man Extradited for Identity Theft Pleads Guilty

May 6
Through the Eyes of a Thief

May 5
Search Continues for NK Woman, Child

May 2
Man Dies in Bangor Accident

May 1
NK Man Plays Role in Record Drug Bust

One thought on “Crime and Justice Month in Review: May

  1. Bait: 26 June, 2007
    As for the bait car issue, by the Bremerton Police Dept., my belief is that Justice errs on the side of the criminal.
    If I leave my car unlocked, I have the potential of being fined in some areas, since I am easy prey for the justice system.
    I wonder how many warrants are active for the 3 persons arrested. Seems our detention areas are not adequate to detain most people picked up by our law enforcement.
    If the accused perpetrators are brought before a judge, is leniency going to be a factor in handing down a ‘public safety’ type of sentencing. If, a more severe sentence is handed down, what are the percentages, the time served will be of the original sentencing?
    It would be interesting to follow the 3 cases, thru their legal process, including sentencing, up to their release date, (actual) and their following criminal activities.

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