Lawsuit: ‘Pipe came loose … struck plaintiff’

A Kitsap County couple is suing Home Depot over an incident in October 2005 in which a woman was perusing an isle at the Silverdale store and a pipe fell from a shelf and struck her in the head, according to court documents.

The woman was at the store the afternoon of October 25, 2005, with her then 3-year-old daughter. She was standing in the middle of the “fencing” isle, “looking straight ahead,” when “a 7 foot piece of galvanized pipe came loose from the shelf and struck Plaintiff in the head,” court documents filed May 18 say.

The couple is seeking damages from the store, including for the health care of the “severe physical and mental pain, suffering and humiliation, both past and future,” and for the “loss of capacity and ability to enjoy life, the lawsuit says.

5 thoughts on “Lawsuit: ‘Pipe came loose … struck plaintiff’

  1. Was the person badly hurt? You don’t say…
    What is the medical diagnosis?
    Is the patient a quad due to the pipe injury?
    Why did the pipe fall all of a sudden?
    What kind and how heavy was the pipe?
    Unless a person does it to themselves, how can being hit on the head by a pipe cause humiliation?
    .. forgetting to tighten up a cinch before mounting a horse could well cause humiliation … mounting a horse and ending up seated on the horses neck could be a humiliation..forgetting to tighten swimming suit straps before diving into a public swimming pool could cause humiliation
    In my opinion… Sharon O’Hara

  2. I understand the humiliation issue. When one is injured in public, one is vulnerable and may be lying down, with clothing disarrayed, or may cry out. I’m sure that the details will come out if the suit moves into court.
    I was injured once in public, but did not sue, as I had no lasting damage from the injury. Even so, it was very embarrassing and humiliating.

  3. “…forgetting to tighten swimming suit straps before diving into a public swimming pool…Sharon O’Hara”

    UGH…been there…done that! And at my US Army boot camp graduation party even!!! Talk about total humiliation. To this day my family refuses to let me forget my showing of my very own PFD’s.

    I feel bad that this lady was obviously hurt. Before we can pass an honest opinion on whether this case is frivolous, we need to know exactly what kind of injuries occurred? How thick was the pipe? How far did the pipe fall before hitting her head? What did the witnesses, if any, see? How did the store react to the incident? Exactly how is her life so different now that she is claiming severe physical and mental pain as well as humiliation, close to two years later? It’s odd, we teach our kids that having an accident is ok. Spilled milk, falling off a bike, breaking a window, tripping another kid, etc. And yet, look how quick we are to sue, as adults, when there is an accident.

    Humiliation from getting bonked on the head by a falling pipe? PUH-LEEZE…go float YOUR PFD’s in public and then come talk to me about humiliation. And what really bites is that I couldn’t even sue anyone for my own stupidity! *LOL*

    ***thanks Sharon for reminding me of that hilarious memory!***

  4. There’s only enough information here to speculate. Is this a sealed case? Why isn’t there more data made available for comments.


    It isn’t a sealed case, but, as is typical with new case filings, there isn’t much information yet — only a couple of documents. I put these lawsuits on the forum so people can see what’s going on in their courthouse.

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