Rural or Urban Meth: One’s Worse Off

Rural methamphetamine users are far worse off than users in city dwellings, according to a new study and subsequent article by the Associated Press.

Why? I bet you can guess some of the reasons, but here’s the one’s found in the study.

From the AP article:

The study showed that rural addicts began using meth at a younger age, were more likely to use the drug intravenously and were more likely to also be dependent on alcohol or cigarettes. They also exhibited more signs of psychosis than urban addicts — 45 percent vs. 29 percent, according to the study.

That’s mainly a problem because it’s harder to get treatment for meth addiction in rural areas of the country, according to one doctor quote in the AP story.

Is Kitsap County rural or urban? Well, that is a debate for another day.

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