Patience is a Virtue … and a Way to Prevent ID Theft

If she could, a 19-year-old South Kitsap woman would likely tell you not to worry about those pesky people pushing you to hurry up when you’re getting money out of an ATM.

According to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office reports, this particular 19-year-old was getting money out of a machine at the Kitsap Mall on April 11.

She noticed man “who seemed irritated over how long she was taking, and she attempted to move on as quickly as possible,” police reports said.

When she left, she grabbed her newly-dispensed cash and the receipt — but apparently, her account hadn’t closed when she walked away.

Two days later, she’d found that her card had been overdrawn, and only three minutes after she’d gotten money at the mall, $120 was taken out.

She told deputies that perhaps she wasn’t completely signed off when the ATM screen asked, “Did you want another transaction?”

She had to cancel the card, and Kitsap Mall security is checking its videos to see if a suspect — likely the man who “rushed” her along — can be found.

In the meantime, we can all learn a good lesson from this: make sure your account is closed out when you get cash at the ATM.

For more on identity theft check out the Washington Attorney General’s web site.

2 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue … and a Way to Prevent ID Theft

  1. I’ve been mulling over this since the post appeared yesterday, and the only conclusion I’ve been able to come to is this:

    I think perhaps it wasn’t the initial intent of the impatient man behind the victim to do this. There is no way you can count on someone forgetting to completely close their account. It sounds to me much more like a crime of opportunity. It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where someone would so brazenly take advantage of someone else’s forgetfulness.

    On the flip side, a couple years back I was in an airport, absolutely EXHAUSTED from flying. I pulled some cash out of an ATM so I could get something to eat and started to walk off to the “food” court. Notice what I left out? Luckily, the person behind me was a good Samaritan, yelled to get my attention…and returned my debit card to me. Too bad she hadn’t been the one standing behind the nineteen year old victim from this story. Guess I got REAL lucky!

  2. The Prosecutor’s office will be sponsoring a table with resources and information for ID theft victims (and victims in general) this week (National Crime Victims’ Rights Week) in the main lobby of the courthouse. Please feel free to come by and check it out.

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