Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff … lost the love … of his wife’

In a lawsuit filed April 12 in Kitsap County Superior Court, a Kitsap County couple is suing Fred Meyer Stores, Inc., for an injury they suffered inside one of the stores’ locations, according to court documents.

In early November, the couple was shopping at the store when the wife in the couple “slipped on a Plexiglas type shelving material,” that store employees “were negligent” in moving or alerting customers to, the lawsuit alleges.

The plaintiff wife has suffered injuries, and the plaintiff husband, “has lost the love, affection, services and consortium of his wife due to the injuries she suffered,” the lawsuit says.

As a result of the incident, the plaintiff wife “was rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled and suffered serious and painful injuries in and about her body,” and “has been informed and believes that she will continue to suffer” from them, the lawsuit continues.

The couple has incurred medical expenses, lost future income at jobs due to the injury, and the plaintiff husband “has lost the value of the services and consortium of his wife as a direct and proximate result of her injuries,” the lawsuit concludes.

11 thoughts on “Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff … lost the love … of his wife’

  1. Oh for crying out loud. This is the most drivel lawsuit I have ever heard. I understand personal injury happening, however for the husband to state “has lost the love, affection, services and consortium of his wife due to the injuries she suffered,” is very small of him.

  2. Michele, he doesn’t mean love, he means lovin’. I highly doubt his wife stopped LOVING him because of the accident, but she possibly has been rendered unable to comfortably provide him with other…perks of such a relationship. Pain, suffering, and lost income I get. Not being able to be intimate with your wife…that’s a TMI sort of detail. Just consider that as covered by pain (what renders her unable) and suffering.

  3. Miriam, I knew exactly what was being said. It was stated in a very “polite” way. However, I find that portion of the lawsuit petty. I am sure she will eventually recover in order to give him the love and attention that he seems to be missing. Does he feel that money will solve all of his woes and make it all better for him? I agree with Sharon’s post….she does need Divorce Court.

  4. The statement of loss of consortium is used routinely in lawsuits involving married persons. It really does not have anything to do with sex. The word love is a verb meaning it is an action. For a person to suffer the loss of love does not mean any loss of feelings, only the loss of their everyday actions of love. If you are hurt in a car accident and your spouse is not able to do whatever (cook, bring you flowers, rub your feet) it is a loss of consortium.

  5. The word, love, is a noun, meaning in part, “n.

    1. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.”

    When one spouse becomes ill and unable to ‘perform’… who gets sued for ‘loss of consortium’?
    Sharon O’Hara

  6. People! Not being able to perform in a wifely or husbandly manner is as much a physical and mental issue as any other disability. I see the opinion is however, very one sided since all of the responses are from women.

    If it were reversed, unless you are all A-sexual, I am sure you would be feeling the same frustration as this man.

    If this injury caused the loss of sexual performance, then he has every right to be suing Fred Meyers as he would for any other injury that it caused. It may not just be about sex, but if it were, so what?

  7. I like to think most men are aware if the role was reversed, most women would devote themselves to their husband without thought of being deprived, much less sue for compensation.

    I like to think most folks are made up of more than their genitalia.
    But I could be wrong…
    Sharon O’Hara

  8. You couldn’t have said it better Sharon. Let’s face it, if my husband was unable to get out of bed due to an injury, extremely sick–whatever the case might be–I would devote myself to caring of him. My “wants and needs” would be put on the back burner. Also, I can speak from experience–I was extremely ill and for some time was bedridden. MY husband took care of me, the house and our kids. Not once did he complain about taking care of me and the household, nor did he whine about not having his “needs” met. I don’t care if you are extremely sick or have been extremely injured, the bottom line is you stand by your significant other until they are well.

    Also, I for one would not want to discuss how my needs were not being met by my significant other in a court room for everyone to disect and analyze. Because, if truth be told, there are many ways for your needs to be met.

  9. I would like to know what injuries she has. I slipped at Albertson’s on ice cream and hurt for a week but did not sue. I think they need to look into all past medical history for pre existing conditions. I have taken plenty of spills having 7 kids and you have to fall in a twisted mangled way to get a serious injury,it is not far to the ground and sciatic nerves heal. There is no reason the husband can’t work. Also some medical people work together for suits along with some lawyers all you have to do is pull up the old cases and see.I was in a car accident at 18 and the lawyer, Chiropractor and orthodontist worked together,and had known and worked together and decided I had tmj and lower lumbar strain,They got 30,000. I do not have Tmj. I was young and believed what they said.

  10. My husband was injured and unable to provide the above mentioned…however, you are correct Sharon that I nurse him and take care of things as need be. (And my husband would do the same if rolls were reversed.)
    However, he is still debilitated because of it and recognizes that fact. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sexual or not…it’s still a physical disability. Should it be thought less of just because it may be about the lack of the ability to perform sex? NO!

    Tracey…people have stepped off of a curb the wrong way and have gotten serious spinal injuries…you don’t have to fall far or contort to receive one.

    I fell flat on my back in 3rd grade…I did not contort…I fell flat. I have been suffering from that injury ever since and I am 47.

    Bottom line is…unless you were in court, you have no idea what this man meant, how he meant it or even if this was a selfish claim on his part. THAT is the conclusion that you have jumped to. Regardless, the wife is in pain and debilitated…and the husband is also affected by it.

    It would seem that I am the ONLY woman in this bunch who can objectively see both sides of the story…from a human perspective as opposed to just the female.

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