Stealing a Car? Rule No. 1: Don’t Run Out of Gas

I received some tips today that a bunch of cops were on the side of Highway 3 with a “suspect vehicle.”

After talking with Lt. Clint Casebolt of the Washington State Patrol, I found out why. Turns out a trooper had stopped on the side of the road at about 11 a.m. today with a car that had broken down.

The car was stolen. The driver had run out of gas. And two people were taken to jail.

As many of you know already, I will take on a request from any reader asking, “What were all those cops and firefighters doing?” Feel free to post an inquiry below.

4 thoughts on “Stealing a Car? Rule No. 1: Don’t Run Out of Gas

  1. This must have been an under privleged thief. Most theives I have come across have been very inteligent. So smart! If they just got honest they could probably be millionaires. Sad that some people have lost their self respect.

  2. Personally, I have yet to come across a smart criminal and sooner or later they’ll end up in jail where they belong. My twin brother had his car stolen and the idiot that stole it used my brother’s cell phone that he left in his car. The police simply traced his (the thief’s) calls and my brother got his car back. Hopefully the thief is sitting in prison looking for his “self-respect” that he lost.
    I have no sympathy for criminals or anyone that makes excuses for their behavior.

  3. Must have been one of those underprivileged thieves that stole the car. Most of the intelligent ones are into bigger crimes.

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