Month in Review: March

The Crime and Justice Forum was dominated in March by the news of the arrest of the Naval Base Kitsap’s highest enlisted man, Edward E. Scott. But there was all sorts of news, which you can find by clicking the link below.

The discussions on this blog were as fruitful and confrontational as they’ve ever been. For those of you who have followed these discussions, do you have any parting comments? Any lessons learned?

Feedback can only make this blog better.

March 31
CK Man Faces Life in Prison for Bank Heist
A jury delivers a guilty verdict for a man who robbed an East Bremerton bank last summer to bail his girlfriend out of jail.

BI Students Jailed in Teacher’s Poisoning
The alleged toxin used by the two girls? Strawberry lip gloss.

Man Ducked Prison to Rob Banks

The Port Orchard man failed to turn himself in for a jail term on other charges March 5.

March 27
Counterfeit Checks Give Car Thieves a License to Steal
The checks from “Kitsap Credit Union” seemed real enough as they passed through the hands of car dealers. But one search of the address written upon their upper left corner of the checks — 1025 Burwell St. — would have led to a telling, ironic discovery.

March 24
Top Spot in the State: Where Drunk Drivers Drink
A Bremerton watering hole tops a list of establishments cited by impaired drivers cited as places where they drink.

March 20
Master Chief Says He Was Addicted to Chat Rooms
He had an addiction to online chat rooms and had started doing this behavior possibly to get back at his wife over marital issues, according to the Bremerton police detectives who arrested Naval Base Kitsap s highest enlisted man Friday morning.

March 17
SK Man Pleads Guilty to 11th, 12th DUI Charges
Charles T. Sorenson was sentenced to two years in jail, the maximum sentence he could have received.

Naval Base Kitsap: Navy Chief Jailed for Soliciting Child Sex
Police say Edward E. Scott, Kitsap’s top enlisted man, wanted to include children in ‘graphic sex acts’ at a Bremerton motel.

Estimated $1.5 Million in Damage: Poulsbo Wal-Mart Shuttered by Fire
The Thursday night blaze, which may be arson, may keep the Olhava locale closed up to a week.

Alaska Man Arrested for Port Ludlow Arson
Federal agents have arrested an Alaska man they suspect was behind a massive condominium fire in Port Ludlow that caused about $4 million in damages, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

March 15
Navy Cop Charged After Gun Incident
A 33-year-old Poulsbo man and Navy police officer was charged Tuesday with flashing a handgun at a group of teens in East Bremerton early Saturday morning, according to Kitsap County prosecutors.

March 14
CK Man Arrested on Suspicion of Sex Crimes
A 46-year-old Silverdale man was arrested late Sunday on suspicion of rape and molestation of a juvenile family member in repeated incidents over the past three years, according to the Kitsap County Sheriff s Office.

March 11,2403,BSUN_19088_5407869,00.html“>Going Online to Halt Sex Crimes
A computer hard drive, pages of Internet chat logs, an IP address and maybe a lewd web cam pic or two.

March 9
Putting Some New Paws on Patrol
Veteran Police Chief Jeff Doran isn t the only Poulsbo cop hanging up his badge this month. Also retiring is Cole, a 10-year-old black Labrador retriever who has sniffed out at least a half-million dollars in drugs and drug money in eight years with the department.

March 6
Delivering Peace to a ‘Very Negative Place’
Acts of violence produce a whole lot of agony, but there are ways for the community to heal from the hurt, South Kitsap resident George Larson says.

March 4
Plates’ Popularity Raises Cash, and at Times Some Eyebrows
State officials may soon be making ‘tough calls’ on specialty plates’ causes.

6 thoughts on “Month in Review: March

  1. For one thing, Josh…I’d like the see ‘the rest of the story’ after the brouhaha subsides.

    That a police officer would mistake a gun for a taser and shoot a innocent man out of a tree is hard to believe.
    Was the officer given a desk job or fired?

    If you published the end of the story …I missed it.

    I understand the officer was cleared of deliberately firing the weapon at the man in the tree in order to hurt him.

    The safety of the public as well as other officers require quick thinking, good judgment calls of officers.
    This officer showed dangerous poor judgment and should not be a my opinion.

    I would like to be assured this officer is not still working out in the field.

    The officer was not a victim, and could have killed an innocent person through poor judgment.
    What is the rest of the story?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Have you ever had looked at someone standing in the shadows holding something that looked like a gun, but it turns on it wasn’t? Did you know that Tasers look like guns? (Watch COPS, they use them all the time).

  3. Sharon I happen to know this officer personally. I know that she is an outstanding officer and is looked upon very highly by her peers in law enforcement. An unfortunate accident happen and I am very glad no one was killed. You make some pretty heavy statements. Have you ever worked in law enforcement? These officers are under a lot of stress and doing a difficult job. If no criminal negligence was proven and no one lost their life than let the Sheriff’s Department handle internally.


    P.S. This officer to my knowledge is still on patrol and I for one am glad she is.

  4. Sharon,

    It seems that you feel the need to enlighten us with your opinion every time a new blog is posted. Sometimes you have some good points, sometimes you don’t.

    Like Shane stated, the deputy involved in this incident is a reliable, competent law enforcement officer. She has served the citizens flawlessly for her entire career and I’m sure that if she could take back that one second that has forever changed her life, she would.

    The incident didn’t involve malice, intent or anything to do with a lack of integrity. As serious as it was, it can only be chalked up as an unfortunate oversight and that alone shouldn’t erase six years of outstanding contributions to the sheriff’s office and the people of Kitsap County.

    It’s easy for someone to spout off about how a person should be fired based on what you read in the newspaper. The simple fact of the matter is that if you aren’t in a position to gather all of the facts and base an opinion on all of the information at hand, you are not qualified to make an educated judgment.

  5. Did the other officers mistake their guns for the taser as well or was she the only one to mistake a gun for a taser?

    Everybody ‘goofs’ sometimes…but few ‘goofs’ involve guns.

    “Unfortunate oversight” …yes.
    What would it have been called had the person actually been shot because of the officers ‘mistake’? Oops?

    The fact is the officer accidentally mistook her gun for her taser and shot at an innocent person. Apparently that fact is of no concern.
    Thank you for enlightening me.
    Sharon O’Hara

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