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How Many Jeffersons Are There?

The answer: 26.

That summation is the number of counties in the United States named “Jefferson” — almost all penned after our third president — following a little project embarked upon by Sheriff Mike Brasfield (the sheriff of Kitsap County’s neighbor of the namesake).

Here’s why Brasfield undertook the challenge: the Jefferson County (WA) Sheriff’s Office would receive calls from random residents — who lived in another of the nation’s Jeffersons.

“They’d be asking questions and we’d have no idea what they were talking about,” Jefferson County Undersheriff Tim Perry told me this morning.

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Ask A Cop: Excuses, Excuses

Blogger’s Note: Columnist-slash-cop Steve Sutherland, a veteran officer with the Bainbridge Island Police Department, is making his weekly appearance to field another question from commenters. Feel free to write more questions or responses below. For past editions, click here.

The question, from A Sailor: Name some of the best excuses people have given you in the hopes of getting out of that speeding ticket.

The answer, from Officer Sutherland: A patrol officer hears a lot of explanations from drivers stopped for traffic violations.

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Values of the Officers

Bremerton Police’s new headquarters at 1025 Burwell Street were officially christened today, amidst cops from various agencies around the county, citizens, city council members and Mayor Cary Bozeman.

One thing that caught my attention was the department’s mission and vision statements (pictured) that adorn a hallway’s walls. The principles are fit for any organization, while their explanations are geared for law enforcement.

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When in Doubt, Call Them Out

To Kitsap County Prosecutor Russell Hauge, reporting to 911 any residents who’ve made threats referencing the Virginia Tech Massacre is a critical duty.

The prosecutor equates doing so with those brave enough to report domestic violence: that it is what he calls “homicide prevention.”

“The worst possible outcome is for someone … not to do something about it,” Hauge said.

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Time to Christen the Cop Shop

Daa De Daaaaaaa, Da Da Da De Daaaaaa …

The Bremerton Police Department’s new downtown station (pictured) has been up and running for about a month now, but the cops inside are ready for their public-close up.

At 10:30 a.m. Friday, police, with the help of the mayor, will cut the ribbon on the 29,000 square-foot department, one that’s brought the agency from two roofs — patrol division and operations — into a unified building.

If you’re there, you’ll also get a tour, including a bunch of new cool technology for crime scene investigation and evidence.

(The melody at the top of the page was meant to be the Dragnet theme, by the way.)

Ask a Cop: Can you Check a Driver’s Out-of-state Record?

Blogger’s Note: Columnist-slash-cop Steve Sutherland, a veteran officer with the Bainbridge Island Police Department, is back to field another question. Feel free to write more questions or responses below. For more past editions, click here.

The question, from blog commenter “CMC Spouse”: “Jane” is pulled over for speeding. She’s using a friend’s vehicle that is registered, insured, etc. However, “Jane” hasn’t had a valid license for a few years (DUI…imagine that) & no insurance of course. She gives the officer a CA DL number with a made up expiration date. She does give her correct name. She was issued a speeding ticket and sent on her way. When an officer runs your license, are you only able to check WA driver’s licenses?

The answer, from Officer Sutherland, is yes.

An officer can check the driving status of any license presented by a driver, no matter what state issued it.

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Former Navy Chief Plea: What Should Punishment Be?

Naval Base Kitsap’s former top enlisted man pleaded guilty to attempted child rape Thursday morning in Kitsap County Superior Court.

Arrested by Bremerton Police just more than a month ago, Edward E. Scott, then the Navy’s local Command Master Chief, was caught in a sex sting at a local hotel before dawn March 16.

But what does the guilty plea mean?

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UPDATE: When Dogs Attack

A pit bull that attacked a 59-year-old woman in Poulsbo last week may spur local police to propose changes to its city council.

As you might have seen from a Sunday’sfollow-up story from the incident, there are a number of penalties already in place for dogs who attack.

UPDATE: In this current instance, Diane M. Law, the woman who owned the pit bull, has been charged by county prosecutors with “Unlawful aggressive dog,” a class C felony. A trainer who’d worked with the pit bull told police she’d recommended to Law that the dog be euthanized, according to court papers.

But Poulsbo Police administrators want to go beyond just this case. An outright ban of certain animals – perhaps including pit bulls like the 3-year-old who mauled the woman last week – could be forthcoming.

How far should these laws go?

Patience is a Virtue … and a Way to Prevent ID Theft

If she could, a 19-year-old South Kitsap woman would likely tell you not to worry about those pesky people pushing you to hurry up when you’re getting money out of an ATM.

According to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office reports, this particular 19-year-old was getting money out of a machine at the Kitsap Mall on April 11.

She noticed man “who seemed irritated over how long she was taking, and she attempted to move on as quickly as possible,” police reports said.

When she left, she grabbed her newly-dispensed cash and the receipt — but apparently, her account hadn’t closed when she walked away.

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