Technology May Help Find Clinic Thieves

Little evidence was found at an apparent burglary early this morning at The Doctor’s Clinic in Silverdale.

But one critical piece may have pinpointed the time of the theft, and could aid investigators in seeking out suspects.

About six computers were taken in the burglary, according to a Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies’ report of the incident. Officials at the clinic, on the 2200 block of NW Myhre Road, have determined they didn’t contain confidential patient information.

Alleged thieves also made off with syringes and over-the-counter drugs.

But the overnight security service saw nothing. There was no forced entry. And deputies found no evidence around the building.

But they did have technology for some evidence: some of the computers were unplugged from networks, which recorded the time — 2:40 a.m. — they “logged off.”

That gave deputies a time element to add in their reports, and may well be a critical piece of evidence.

2 thoughts on “Technology May Help Find Clinic Thieves

  1. The real issue here is, why didn’t the security system function at all? They had one, albeit without cameras, which apparently did not work. Door alarms, motion detectors, and they all failed? No record of a break-in, yet the computers are gone. It seems to me there was a security meltdown, or extremely knowledgeable thieves. There’s got to be a clue in there somewhere.

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