Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff began to feel burning on her head’

Blogger’s Note: This is an ongoing feature here at the forum that provides synopses to all (or nearly all) recently filed Kitsap County personal injury lawsuits.

A lawsuit filed March 21 in Kitsap County Superior Court alleges a woman getting her hair dyed at a Port Orchard salon was burned during the procedure in October 2005, sustaining “burns to her scalp” and losing “chunks of her hair.”

The plaintiff and defendant had to be at job by 5 p.m., and the lawsuit says the defendant “put the plaintiff under a hair dryer to speed the drying process,” on the afternoon in question.

When the defendant went to the back of the establishment, “the plaintiff began to feel burning on her head,” the lawsuit says, adding the defendant “had not used a cap for the plaintiff’s head.”

The plaintiff paid and left the establishment, and became “dizzy and sick to her stomach,” had to go home from work, and “sustained burns to her scalp and lost chunks of her hair,” the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff is seeking compensation for injuries and wage losses, past and present, attorney’s fees, and for other relief “as the court deems just and equitable.”

One thought on “Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff began to feel burning on her head’

  1. I hope the client is in good health now…but I wonder about a few things..

    Why didn’t the hairdresser rinse the product off when the client complained?

    Speeding the coloring process is typical…not unusual…by using the drier…. going back forty years or more….and has nothing to do with ‘getting to a job’…simply efficient use of time.

    What would a ‘cap’ have done?
    What kind of coloring process was done?
    Was the client a long time client to the hairdresser?
    Did the hairdresser test for a color allergy to the product PRIOR to coloring the hair?
    Has the client ever sued a hairdresser before?
    Has the hairdresser been sued prior to this incident?
    Sharon O’Hara

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