Committing a Felony to Skip a Misdemeanor?

A bomb threat this morning, called into the Poulsbo Municipal Court, closed the entire Poulsbo City Hall complex.

No bombs were found, but Poulsbo Police are on the case to find out who called it in.

There have been past cases in which someone charged with a crime has gone to drastic measures — calling in a bomb threat, for instance — to miss a court appearance.

Could that have happened here?

It’s not an unreasonable suspicion, says Tim Drury, felony chief for the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office.

Though one does have to wonder: why would someone call in a bomb threat — a felony, Drury said — to miss out on a misdemeanor appearance at “muni” court?

Misdemeanors can only carry up to one year in jail, whereas felonies can carry up to five years or more.

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