Why Did This Happen?

The Kitsap County Coroner’s Office and the Navy have now both confirmed that Capt. G. Lindsay Perkins Jr. (pictured) died of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

But why?

Ed Friedrich, the military and ferry reporter here at the Kitsap Sun, just talked to the county coroner who confirmed Perkins — commander of Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Puget Sound — died of the gun shot wound.

But we have no idea why. Naval Criminal Investigative Service is definitely investigating, but unlike our local police departments, we’re not necessarily privy to that answer.

In any case, I have been told by many associated this week that it’s been a dark week for Naval Base Kitsap. As you’ve read here and at other news sites, the base’s former command master chief, Edward E. Scott, was arrested Friday and charged with attempting to solicit child sex.

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  1. CMC Spouse,
    I believe that for the one desperate individual that felt she must strike out against a grieving family, as in this case, this may be the only way she knew how to release her own anger by being vicious, uncaring, and desperate to feel better about her own personal situation. Maybe in the past this particular individual was on the receiving end, pushed up against a wall and this is how she is getting back. Being vindictive is such a ugly thing and all those in the path of it are the ones that get hurt – in this case – the Perkins’ family.
    There is no need to rehash the gross and outrageous assumptions that one particular person has posted against a family of a highly respect man. Nothing positive or comforting came from any of those comments. I pray she gets the help she is screaming for.

  2. It’s none of our business to know why he took his life anyways. The only reason this story is making big headlines is because of the fact it happened shortly after that poor excuse for an E9 got arrested, and some people out there are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Let it rest people, there are far more important things going on around Kitsap County that should have more news coverage, but don’t.

  3. For anyone reading CMC Spouse and Seal CDR’s comments regarding me, I have only one thing to say. Projection. Anyone looking this up in a psychology book will understand what I mean. They are projecting on me their own frustrations of the situation in the news and what is being spread on the bases. They have read into my words exactly what they want to see and have ignored everything else I’ve written. They are doing to me what they claim I have done to Capt. Perkins. Hypocritical? Typical of anyone who is projecting. Their focus is on Capt Perkins, why mine is on the Navy’s suspicious behavior. Can anyone say “misdirection?”

  4. What suspicious behavior? NCIS is handling the investigation and they don’t have to tell you everything. (Remember this isn’t NCIS the TV series.) Do normal police departments release intimate details of every suicide they investigate? I don’t think they do.

  5. What makes this high profile? Because he was an O-6? Because it happened the same week of that E-9’s arrest? It’s none of our business.

  6. Shannon, since you continue to hope and pray every waking moment to find out the reason why don’t you simply contact the lead NCIS investigator and/or NBK’s spokesman and ask them? I’m sure since you continue to believe that it is your given right to pry into this and you believe the Navy is hiding something from YOU, they’ll tell you everything you want to know…..right? I’m shocked you haven’t already done so. I’m sure they are waiting for your phone call.

  7. Who says I haven’t already? Who says a source hasn’t already told me the reason and I have chosen not say anything on this blog? It is not my place to come out with the truth publicly–it’s the Navy’s.

  8. Navy sailor…YES because he was an O-6 and especially because it happened all too closely behind Scott’s indiscretion. The timing was a bit off and if people are curious about it, that’s Captain Perkin’s fault…not Shannon’s.

    Let me ask you this…If you guys are so disgusted with Shannon, why do you keep egging her on with personal attacks? Let it go.

    There are no laws against curiosity…and if they didn’t want anyone to know the details in this case, then they shouldn’t have reported it in the first place. They should have kept the whole mess under wraps (for lack of better wording).

    At any rate, don’t be so quick to judge her because she is curious or cynical. I have seen a lot of pretty heinous things in the military get scraped under the carpet and nothing I could hear would surprise me any more.

    AND, before you all get your skivvies in a wad and start attacking me, I am not saying that what happened with Captain Perkins is my business.

    No one in this blog has denied the one point that I have continually made which is that they are curious about Captain Perkins’ motives behind his suicide…Shannon on the other hand was honest enough to admit it.

    If they did plaster it all over the evening news, I am sure that every person on this blog would be guilty of listening to it instead of turning the channel.

    Being a Captain does not make one infallible, perfect, or above reproach. The one thing I have learned is people of power (in many cases), tend to take advantage of that power and abuse it…thinking that they are too big to get caught or punished.

    Shannon has only responded to everyone’s attacks and is making an attempt to defend her point of view.
    So if you guys continue to respond to her comments, then she is going to continue to respond likewise.

    CMC Spouse, I know you are frustrated, but, I feel your last comment was beneath you. In most blogs I have read, you have kept a level head and your comments to the point…this time you ranted AT Shannon.

    Some of the most self righteous, nosey and gossipy people I have ever met were Ombudsmen and Chief’s Wifes…that’s why I never went to Wives meetings during deployments.
    I couldn’t stand the backbiting and gossip that went on.

    So when I read your last comment, that reminded me of the very things I hated the most about living the Navy life.

    You seemed like a very thoughtful person until you started to attack Shannon personally.

  9. Anonymous,
    I apologize to you personally. I did not mean to come off as a(n) (expletive)! I guess she just finally pushed my buttons. I have dealt with OMBS and wives of all ranks for awhile now and some just really get to me, but please let me say one more thing to her:
    Shannon, I truly hope you do know and feel better that knowing that the Navy did not cover anything (illegal or not) up and that the reasoning had nothing to do with gambling or anything like that. I will stick to my guns in regards that it was never any of your business, but I truly hope that your “source” finally broke and told you what you needed to hear so that you can finally move on….

  10. Oh Please like Shannon knows. From what I’ve read of her comments, if she knew really knew then she would have gone on and on and on that she knew. She is nothing but a busy-body and I agree 100% that is it none of her darn business and it’s killing her that the CMC Spouse, SEAL CDR, and several others have spoken up and had her nailed from the very beginning.

  11. Thank you CMC Spouse. I appreciate your response. I really respect you for it. I only wish I had more representatives like you watching my back when my husband was in the military. He is retired now. At any rate…this blog too shall pass all too quickly and this whole incident will soon be but a memory.

    As for Chris A
    It is pretty obvious that you are wanting to keep this argument going by attacking Shannon and calling her names which only makes YOU look bad. You don’t know Shannon from Adam and you have no right to pass judgement on her based on that fact alone. Like I said before, if anyone on this blog heard the “scoop”, I believe they would not close their ears…they would listen intently.

    No one has denied that fact yet.

  12. CMC Spouse:

    We agree to disagree and that is fine. My point was always and still is only on principal and not on personal intentions as well as yours I hope. Maybe next time we will be on the same side of a debate. Best regards.

  13. No, THANK YOU Anonymous. You are the one that is to be respected. You made me realize that I was acting like a two year old and shouldn’t let someone get to me like that. You would think after all these years of being a Navy wife and a Navy daughter to a very senior Officer, I would have learned not to let something like this bother me so much. At times like these, I’m jealous of the word “retirement”. To this day, there are still times that the Navy doesn’t make sense to me. As part of what the Navy calls “Command Team Spouses”, (CO, XO, & CMC spouses) we are given information that we must keep confidential and when I sit in on a spouse meeting and I listen from the back of the room, a spouse talking about a particular incident, for example, and none of which is even close to the truth (s/he might say something like, “…well I heard from Jane who heard from Pam’s husband that…”). As a promise to the Command I can’t jump up and say anything even though I know the truth. When it comes to ship movements, that always starts a war between the spouses. Ship movements given to spouses is a gift…not a right as most spouses seem to think….
    Anonymous, you were probably a God-sent to all of your husband’s tours! Thank you again for waking me up.

  14. “When it comes to ship movements, that always starts a war between the spouses. Ship movements given to spouses is a gift…not a right as most spouses seem to think….”

    CMC Spouse,
    That is a very very good statement. I remember one time my wife told me she got 5 calls from 5 different spouses giving her 5 different times as to when our airlift was to arrive. She got so frustrated, she emailed me and said since no one can settle on a time, call me before you take off or when you land and I’ll come get you then.
    While people today seem to think it is a right to know everything, it’s not. The same goes for the situation listed in this blog. While yes, we all might be curious, it’s none of our business, unless national security was at stake, to know or to demand to know what really happened.

  15. I couldn’t agree with you more Sailor. There have actually been times when I seriously wish I didn’t know certain things, because it can get so frustrating listening to spouses go on and on about ship movements and be so off, but I wasn’t allowed to say anything. One thing I don’t hold any faith to, in any particular situation, is the spouse that says, “…well I heard it from ‘Jane’ and she heard it directly from her husband…” Right there tells me that somebody’s spouse is talking about something they shouldn’t be and of course by the time it gets around the story has grown 10 times over. (The bigger the story the bigger the lies)

  16. Sorry Shannon I don’t believe this was ever a debate. I stick with facts and not assumptions. As my father told my mother and my husband has told me, we, as spouses, are told on a need-to-know basis and once our spouses retire that door is even locked.
    What started this whole situation was not a public debate. What happens behind the walls of the Navy is private and in no way could this particular incident have affected yours or any of our personal lives.
    As for this incident and Ed Scott’s, a prayer for the Perkins family was all the public needed to do…no questions or assumptions should have been made. Ed Scott chose to make his actions public and it’s you and me (the public) that can speak our concerns since his court hearings have been opened to the public and not a private situation like Capt Perkins.
    Like I have mentioned in a recent comment, in a round about way this is similar to giving out ship movements. Since your spouse is now retired from the military, both of you would not be allowed to sit in on a brief discussing schedules. It is solely up to the CO to inform the families as to what we need to be told and it is not public information. It is not a coverup, but again, only a need-to-know situation. Just like Capt Perkins death, only those that needed to know where told…

  17. CMC Spouse,
    I totally supported everything my husband did and made sure that I always kept in constant contact with him as much as I could considering he was on a submarine. I totally respect the men and women who serve our country and the women who truly support their spouses when they are deployed.

    I really appreciate your humility and not taking what I said as an attack. Because it wasn’t meant to be in any way shape or form. Sometimes we all need to come back down to earth.

    There is a lot of strife in this world and the Navy is certainly not immune to it. Curiosity is human nature and I do no blame anyone for it.

    My advice to everyone is, if you hear it from someone who is not involved directly, then treat it as rumor and keep it to yourself. Don’t pursue it because it may be something you don’t want to know and you may be better off not knowing.

    What ever happened in this case, whether it was corrupt or not, will no longer make a difference in our lives, because the person involved is no longer with us. The family however will always have to live with this nightmare, and the best thing we can do is support the family in whatever miniscule way that we can.
    A prayer for peace in their hearts is what they need now.

  18. Amen Anonymous…my husband was a COB! I truly miss the close knit family of being apart of the submarine community. There was no rank among the spouses and the rumors were very few and far between. Deployments seemed to be less stressful, because all the wives worked together verses what I saw on my husband’s large deck that he went to. I miss seeing my husband wearing his dolphins….
    “…A prayer for peace in their hearts…” is what they needed a long time ago.

  19. I am still a part of the Submarine community in that I work with them on a daily basis and I love every one of the guys I work with. They are the smartest bunch I have ever met. The fact that my husband was one of them makes my job all the more sweet.

    And, I love our COB…he is great! He must have one heck of a woman behind him.

  20. There’s nothing like a submarine command and like I said before, I sure do miss it.
    Your job is lucky to have you and so are your boys. Being two smart ladies, we should be able to figure out a way to have a coed sub. If those boys can do it, we can too darn it. I’ve joked with my husband for many years about it. He says it will never happen, but if there’s a will there’s a way. Plus Australia has women on theirs and it’s working. Oh well maybe some day…

  21. I say, forget the guys and have all women crews… they would probably knock the men out of the water! (Pun intended)

    Seriously, there is a high rate of divorce on surface ships because of infidelity…would you really want that temptation on a submarine? While I believe women should be able to run a sub, I don’t think they should be placed in such close quarters with men and vice versa. That’s just my opinion.

  22. From the family of G. Lindsay Perkins,

    The Navy investigated my cousins death because it is highly irregular for an officer with his rank to commit suicide. With that said, there was no connection to the other incident related to Ed Scott.

    Captain Perkins’s father also passed away last Wednesday from complications related to cancer. He was very saddened over his son’s suicide.

    We appreciate those of you that have conveyed your condolences. However, others that want to spread filth and speculations, please find someone else to slander.

    Family of Lindsay Perkins

  23. L. Littlejohn,
    There are very few, at least on this blog, that even would think such a horrible thought that Capt Perkin’s death and Ed Scott had any connection. Obviously you have read the very few that had nothing better to do then to spread viscous lies/rumors about your cousin. You and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers for both Capt Perkins and now his father. God Bless your family.
    I feel your anger and sadness, but let’s hope that the individuals who are thoughtless and uncaring DON’T move and/or feed on another poor family’s tragedy.
    PS: NCIS would investigate any death, especially on board a base, no matter what the service member’s rank was.
    Take Care!

  24. I was notified last night of the passing of my former division officer and friend G. Lindsay Perkins Capt. We were on the Lafayette together. I was a boot Chief and he was a brand new Ensign. He was a fine man with a sharp mind and quick wit. The last time I spoke with him was this past January. We made plans to get together sometime this summer. My heart and prayers go out to his family. I will never forget Lindsay and I will pray for him always.

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