The Evidence Mounts

Court documents allege that Edward E. Scott was headed to a Bremerton motel Friday to begin a deviant sexual relationship.

It would turn out to be the end of a month-long investigation by undercover detectives.

Though his story appears to change in the probable cause statement for his arrest, the allegations involved various forms of sex. He’d brought condoms along, too.

But in a previous entry on this blog — no matter how you felt about the allegations — many of you chose to make a point of “innocent until proven guilty.”

I know that as a reporter, I want to get you the information as fast as possible. However, when the evidence mounts against someone in court documents — through interviews, court appearances, and especially detectives’ reports — public opinion can sway.

I am impressed that many of you will wait until the outcome of Mr. Scott’s court case before passing judgment.

53 thoughts on “The Evidence Mounts

  1. If true…it seems unbelievable that anyone would actually believe a mom would involve their child/ren in such activities…unbelievable..

    It seems likely then, that he may well have experienced such perversion before…how else could he believe a mom would sacrifice her children?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I am disgusted! Marital and personal counseling is available FREE to military personnel and their family members. Why did he not seek out help with his personal life issues? He holds a position that commands an enormous amount of respect and influence. I cannot believe the path he chose to get back at his wife. It is not the type of action one would expect from a leader/role model.I realize he is human and is capable of making mistakes as this type of behavior is not uncommon in our society, but I cannot forgive him for the inappropriate path he took to handle his personal problems, especially when help is readily available on the military base. He is an embarrassment!

  3. The shame he brought upon himself and the entire CPO community is immeasurable. This behavior is disgusting and abhorrent. Arrest and bail @$500k, is not for a “mistake” or ignorance of local ordinance. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law to make an example, much like the numerous he held accountable in his days and “made and example” of. He was supposed to be the example, regardless of whatever the circumstances were he let hundreds of thousands down. A great point was made by USN Civilian, FREE help is easily available and highly encouraged by leadership, and it works. God be with him, he needs help and prayers for redemption, but never put into a position of authority again. Justice will prevail.

  4. CMC was a mentor to me on the Camden. I would have never believed that he would have been capable of such perversion. The man that is in jail is a completely different man than I knew on the Camden. He has disappointed me as I am sure he has many other sailors.

  5. I am amazed by the lack of complete reporting and quickness of all to judge. Mr. Scott has not even been formally charged, only arrested, the evidence against him has not been presented, yet many, including the reporter have already found him guilty.

    There is far more to the story than is being presented by the prosecution and the biased reporter. Which is why the defense is allowed to present their side, and the judge to decide what is the truth, not a one sided slant. And the reporter is paid to present facts, not his personal opinion, especially since his article is not an editorial.

  6. USN Civilian –

    I don’t believe he was really doing this to get back at his wife. When someone gets in trouble, especially for something this severe and disgusting, they will say whatever they think will make it excusable. The fact of the matter is, nothing excuses what he was allegedly planning to do. If these allegations are true – and let’s face it, although innocent until proven guilty, the evidence speaks for itself – he is a sick, sick man. Even marital counseling probably wouldn’t have helped. His issue wasn’t just his marriage, it was his sickness.

  7. In the military, to accept psychological/counseling help is career suicide. That is why they rarely (especially the men)ever do…he changed his story three times…why would anyone believe him when he says he has never done this before?

    And Sharon, don’t underestimate “mothers” in this world. Some will do anything. I cannot comprehend any mother doing this to a child having one of my own…but it exists much more than you think it does…in fact it is more common than one would imagine. If a man can be conceived to attempt such horrible acts, what would make us think that women are are any less capable of the same? It’s sickening, but true.

  8. Sharon, this happens more than you think.

    This CMC has changed his story three times. How can anyone believe him. They have all the IM’s that he had sent to the undercover cop. He should be put away for life.

  9. I knew this man personally, and throughout his career those that served with him and knew him well will know that Master Chief Scott was one who did things most would not have to get ahead in his career and it paid off achieving the rank of Master Chief! But KARMA, has a way of getting back at those! I am disgusted that this man has brought such shame to the Chief Petty Officer community, to the Naval community, and to the civilian community. One more thought is if he gets what he deserves, which is to have nothing from the Navy when the civilian courts and the Navy courts are done with him, is the fact that his family looses so much in the stupidity of his acts! Some may say i am judging him, DAMN straight I am, EVERYTHING typed on a computer network is logged, you think the police just made things up that he MAY have said!?? Nope proofs in the keystrokes, should be punished to the full extent of the law!

  10. Sadly there are these types of perverts in all walks of life. A criminal is not a criminal until they have been caught. surprise! They are even working in jobs that service children. There have been many teachers that have hit the news in the past few years. These are only the ones that have been caught.

  11. ITCS (sw/aw) speaks the truth. This man was in a position of trust in which i believe he violated more than once, this is just the time he got caught. He is a disgrace to the CPO mess and to the community and justice should be completed swiftly and our prayers go out to the victims and family that he betrayed.


  12. ITCS (SW/AW) does not speak the truth, only his opinion. Master Chief Scott had a 25 year career, all with good service. I have known him for many years and served with him and he has advanced his career based on his performance. Maybe ITCS is venting about Master Chief Scott’s ability to ‘get ahead in his career’ because ITCS could not achieve Master Chief.

    You do not know if he has ever done this before, nowhere does it state anything about his past, except his military assignments. The computer keystrokes mentioned do not tell the whole story, only what the police are saying. And we all know the police are ALWAYS without fault. Further, have you read the computer transcripts? If not then how can you say what was typed?

    The news articles do indicate he communicated with the ‘mother’ whom was an adult. Yet he is accused of communication with a minor. This appears to be unfounded by the police, at least based on published reports. And yet you judge him? When did it become a crime to communicate with an adult?

    Another point, it is not hard to believe a ‘mother’ would involve her children, there is plenty of abuse by parents in this country. I do find the involvement of children in the story wrong, but again, we have only heard one side of the story, and as I said earlier, the police are human as well and make mistakes everyday. Which is why there is a leagal system in the first place.

  13. I am absolutely disgusted by this mans actions. He is a disgrace to the Navy. Obviously there was a side to this man that even those close to him weren’t aware of. Its happened before…you think you know someone and when they do something horrendous the truth comes out. I have a hard time believing that he had never done anything like this before, and his excuse of “getting back at his wife” doesn’t fly with me either.

  14. I wish that you all would consider what his family is going through. I, too, have known this family for a good many years, and am quite shocked. But, please put his family in your prayers, as they are the true victims in this. Guilty or not, it will be the family who suffers the pain of this horrendous story. How about a little compassion for once?

  15. To navy faithful, most people that i have come across, it does not take a brick to hit us to see a serious wrong has been committed and it is a proven fact(documented by law enforcement) that people that commit these type of crimes have been repeat offenders or previous offenders. By reading your comments it appears you have the buddy buddy thing going on or that you might condone it, either way if you want to help, do his family a favor and get them used to living without Scott because they have a long road ahead of them.One last comment to faithful there is nothing wrong with being faithful just pick your battles wisely. As the saying goes “IF IT QUACKS LIKE A DUCK AND WALKS LIKE A DUCK IT IS A DUCK”

    GMC retired

  16. Navy faithful,
    If it is not hard to believe a mother would do something like this, why is it so hard to believe that someone like Scott wouldn’t?

    You sound like one of the “Good ‘ol Boys” who know plenty of people like Scott who would just turn their head and pretend nothing is going on.

    I have seen plenty of guys (who were incompetent fools)get ahead in the Navy. I have seen many a master chief, and lower, mess with people to get ahead. I have seen them take credit for the hard work of others time and time again. (No I am not in the Navy nor am I personally affected by anyone, nor have I ever been.) I am sure the ITCS probably IS feeling some bitterness, but most likely not without justification. I see guys who are true leaders get passed over for Chief and other opportunities and others who are total idiots in every way shape and form get selected. It happens every day!

    NF…It is not a crime to email an adult but it IS a CRIME, silly man (assuming you are a man), to solicit sex from minors….AND that is what he was doing! He ADMITTED IT! The newspaper reports NEVER said that he communicated with a minor. It SAYS he communicated with the “mother” and was trying to solicit sex from her AND her children!

    Can we say without a shadow of the doubt that he has done this before and THEN showed ? No, but it does make one think about what other things he has gotten away with in the past without getting caught.

    No one ever knows what happens in the CPO’s mess during initiation…it’s so “top secret”, makes you wonder what they are hiding…In fact, I have been to many a retirement where Chiefs retired with “no blemishes” on their records, but the comments during the ceremonies are always made when listing the years of good conduct such as “never got caught”. What does THAT say? I also know a few chiefs who did not get ahead because they refused to do things that they knew were, shall we say, “unkosher”. But they never give the details.

    And as for your statement about the police, we all know they are fallible…(we all are) duh, but all of them involved in the case? I think not. And, how about NCIS? You have to know that they were in on this…he was doing this on his WORK computer…What really kills me is those of you who are defending him accusing US of judging and misquoting the article and are in fact yourselves mis-quoting the articles, and failing to quote the one unarguable point which was his CONFESSION.

    He got caught (literally)with his hand in the cookie jar and now he must pay the price. He was an idiot…plain and simple. He showed up…with CONDOMS!

    Just because you know or like someone, does not make you the expert on that person. Best friends play with best friend’s wives and sometimes, their children. So, don’t be so sure that he is innocent of a crime that he showed up for to commit…

    One side of the story you say? Pish Posh!

  17. GMC retired, it is not a ‘buddy buddy’ thing, and I do not condone the story, I do have an interest in the story and was in court yesterday observing, were you?

    The fact remains that (1) he has not been officially charged. The prosecution did not do this during his first court appearance because they need more time. (2) We have only heard one side of the story. (3) If he was a repeat/previous offender, how did he keep it hidden from the Navy to reach CMC? (4) YOU judge without all information. I do not believe that you have never been in a situation that your story is different than someone else’s. (5) I served my country, as I think did you, to protect and defend our constitution. A constitution that calls for a trial because a person is innocent until proven guilty. A fight worth taking based on my belief in my country.

    As Navy retired stated, ‘how about a little compassion’ the family are victims, regardless of the outcome.

    Capt retired

  18. Captain i have read your response and was hoping that i was wrong, but it was just reported he was charged and it was written that he confessed, so at this point i hope justice is swift so all those involved can move on. I just wonder where you came to the conclusion that he is innocent after his confession? maybe you missed that point. my cover is off to the law enforcement for keeping our kids safe. and again our prayers go out to the family.

    gmc retired

  19. With all Due Respect Captain, (and I thank you for your service) but…

    The CONSTITUTION?!? I have seen so many “constitutional rights” of guys in the military stomped on by the good ‘ol boys” club that I just gag whenever the word is used.

    I have seen SO MUCH under the carpet swabbing that it sickens me!

    Whether or not this guy has done it before…he still used a Navy computer…he still confessed…he changed his story so many times that any credibility that he might have had is down the tubes…he screwed up.

    I think I can speak for anyone on this blog that we are very sympathetic to the family…We obviously are aware of how this is affecting them…how their lives are changed forever…but this is about a crime that was committed…innocent til proven guilty? I wonder how “innocent” he would have been if he had been some poor seaman or jr. enlisted guy. I wonder then if anyone would have showed up to his arraignment in support or out of curiosity.

    I have seen a great deal of injustice in 20 long years…please don’t shove the “constitution” down my throat…ESPECIALLY when it obviously means so little to people like this guy.
    Just because he had a flawless Navy career for 25 years, doesn’t mean he is flawless now! There are a lot of guys who just haven’t gotten caught. He just happens to be the unlucky one that did.

    What if those had been REAL 12 year olds? Where would their rights have been if he actually had the opportunity to follow through…carrying condoms to the scene? Going to the room with the “mother”?Yeah…he’s innocent til proven guilty. ARGH!

  20. Today MCPO Scott pleaded “NOT GUILTY” to attempted rape of a minor and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. His next court appearance is 12 April.

    Anonymous: I, too, respect what the Capt (ret) had to say, BUT I couldn’t agree with you more. Innocent??? PLEASE. In a hotel, with condoms, and knew perfectly well why he was going there: “…to meet a mother with 12 year old twins…”. His interaction with this “mother” had been going on for a month. It was planned and follow through until he was caught, “…with his pants down…” so to speak. I thank God that this was a sting and wasn’t real. Lord help us had it been and what he would have done next…and with whom.

  21. I met Master Chief Scott 10 months ago and I never felt that he was compassionate about his job or the position that he held. He has been nothing but negative and curt to Sailors and myself. But I do feel bad about his family and I hope that everyone comes together and takes care of Mrs. Scott and her family.
    For His sake though, I think he needs to be prosecuted and sent to prison for at least the 10 years to teach him a lesson. Thanks for your time. James

  22. Ya know, you can take that “innocent until proven guilty” crap and..(you know the rest). The CMC was obvious caught red handed and in this case is G-U-I-L-T-Y!!! So cut the liberal bullcrap!!!!!

  23. What a punch to the gut this individual has applied to the entire Naval community! As a MCPO, I was literally sick when I was informed of this individual’s selfish actions based on perverted needs. He has served 25 years, which indicates to others, junior and senior, that the respect and admiration they had for an E-9 was unfounded. I do not think this is simply a whim. He has been hiding in a cloud for years, and finally got caught, thank God. We are not in a position to judge, but we can be offended by his devious and immoral acts.

  24. Dear Captain Retired,

    I knew this man on board the Lincoln and at Naval Base Kitsap. He used to work for me and I used to work for him. E-9 Scott was an average performer before this issue. In my opinion, he was advanced beyond his capability. Master Chief Gary Johnson was the best command master chief at Naval Base Kitsap. What E-9 Scott has done (guilty or not guilty) has in fact reduced the integrity of all CPO’s in the Navy. The fact of the matter is, Naval Base Kitsap has removed E-9 Scott from the official command website at

    This speaks volumes!

    I will pray for E-9 Scott’s family. E-9 Scott will probably receive some form of retirement and I hope the wife is well taken care of after the plea bargain deal. Thank you for your service Mrs. Scott and God bless you Ma’am!

    Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer

  25. Hey E9 (soon to be E1) Scott, thank you so much for the huge black eye that you’ve just given my Navy. I only wish that I could be there to personally rip those anchors off your uniform! Thanks to you, me finally making chief is going to be bitter sweet! BZ “shipmate”!!!

  26. Maybe someone should print out these comments and show E-9 Scott how many people he has hurt and let down. As a Chief we are trained not to think or care about ourselves but to care for all other sailors and families no matter what the rank or situation. Chiefs are trained to make the world a safe place for our children, our family, our friends and the country as a whole by leadership and integrity. E9 Scott took an oath not only to the country and his family but also to the Chiefs community. And in that “Chief’s Creed” it states that we have to be accountable for our actions no matter what!! Let’s just hope that E9 Scott read that part.

  27. When I hear stories like this my skin crawls…one can’t help but become full of rage when one our leaders takes a nosedive such as this. I think we put people on pedestals so much so that we come crashing when they let us down. This is definitely one of those times.

    It is really difficult to be objective in cases such as these. Impossible even… Especially when there is so much evidence against the accused.

    To all of you who serve this country…thank you. It is because of your service that there is a justice system to begin with.

  28. This E9 is a self licking ice cream cone. I worked in the same division as this E9. He cheated on Navy physical readiness testing, attained qualifications faster than anyone else on the aircraft carrier (EAWS), and received highly preferrential treatment by his buddies during performance evaluation ranking boards. Wonder why he thought he was above the law!!! The judge/jury isn’t a selection board they, don’t care about your inflated fitreps and highly exaggerated accomplishments.
    For the love of god accept what you have done, plead guilty, and get ready to accelerate your life.

  29. First off let me say I commend the Junior and Senior Sailors who have commented here, to me this is not about his trial or impending doom.

    To me this is a person who in his position violated the very trust given to him and every man and woman in the Navy, but if you know anything about the Navy, you know that once you pin ANCHORS on your collars you hold Sailors to a higher standard, and you are held to a higher standard!

    Trust me when I tell you, E-9 Edward Scott would be the very first person to stand up and publicly criticize another Sailor regardless of rank if the shoe was on the other foot!!!

    Honestly I hope he gets nothing from the Navy, I say that because he betrayed the Navy that put a roof over his head, food on his plate, and provided for his family for 25 years! The real victims are his family, and possibly anyone else he MAY have actually done this too that wasn’t an undercover police officer, I for one would love to meet her and shake her hand and thank her for her work! He is a drop in the bucket of the type people that are out there preying on our children, and yes I am a parent!!

    Reap what you sow E-9 Scott, reap what you sow!!

  30. this man is an embarrassment to all of NBK and the navy. it sucks that such a highly respected man had to throw away his life to have “sex” with a twelve year old is sad to see this happen…but he deserves it.

  31. I worked with RMCS Ed Scott on ABRAHAM LINCOLN on a daily basis. I am still in shock over the entire thing. I am not an expert on his personal behavior, only the behavior he displayed to me during the 4 years that I worked with him. Not exemplary. Back then, being a Second Class female in the Navy, there were just certain things we were expected to put up with from senior enlisted. We didn’t receive the NR&R training that we do now. We didn’t want to be “that girl”, the one that ratted out Chiefs…for OUR careers could be ruined over THEIR behavior towards us. To make a long comment, shorter, Ed Scott had deviant tendencies for a long time. I knew better then to look at him as a “mentor” (sorry former CAMDEN sailor), because even then he was regarded as a sort of dirt bag around the department. But that is where my expertise ends. Yes he had moral issues, but this is above and beyond. I won’t comment on facts, because I don’t know them, only what I read. I am disturbed. Disturbed that he could follow through on such a proposition and disturbed that he is what the civilian community will remember my beloved Navy by. WE are better than this, and we now have to pick up the pieces of our reputation. Whether he did these things or not, it is what people will remember, and there is obviously some basis for it. I will still proudly wear my uniform and feel better that at least one corrupt leader is not standing next to me in ranks.

  32. Just so those of you who do not know…referring to a master chief with the words (letters and numbers) “E-9” is a slap in the face. E-9 is just pay grade…a rank…but a “Master Chief” is a person who stands by the words in the Chief’s ranks. They are people who will do anything they expect their subordinates to do…they don’t just push papers and orders around…this “man” doesn’t even deserve the “E-9” title. I am not at all surprised that he got where he did because of the good ‘ol boy system. I see it happen every day.

  33. Just so those of you who do not know…referring to a master chief with the words (letters and numbers) “E-9” is a slap in the face. E-9 is just pay grade…a rank…but a “Master Chief” is a person who stands by the words in the Chief’s ranks. They are people who will do anything they expect their subordinates to do…they don’t just push papers and orders around…this “man” doesn’t even deserve the “E-9” title. I am not at all surprised that he got where he did because of the good ‘ol boy system. I see it happen every day.

  34. Dear Active Duty and BooBoo,

    Yup I understand what you guys are saying. We can just state the facts that E-9 Scott has been reduced from a Master Chief Petty Officer to an E-9. He is already stripped of his rank. Let’s call a duck a duck until the Navy changes things. The cocky look on his face in the photograph outside the court room speaks loudly. Having been part of the “mess” for 17 of my 26 years in the Navy BooBoo I agree with the “good ‘ol boy “positioning” or ranking systems on fitreps. I am singulary PROUD that at Bangor Capt. Baker disagreed with the “good ‘ol boy” ranking system and placed my FITREP ranking at the top of the list. The good ‘ol boy stuff needs to end in the Navy. The drinking, cursing and poor behavior needs to see an end and not rewarded. The SECNAV IG team should look into the good ‘ol boy clubs. I routinely failed Chiefs for not passing body fat standards on ranking boards. When I failed an E-9 I was moved into a different job. No good ol’ boy with me. Imagine E-9 Scott speaking about Navy Core values during indoc. Amazing! Chiefs need to lead by example or BECOME THE EXAMPLE! We will see more E-9 Scotts in the Navy. Mark my words! God bless the Chief’s Mess! We chiefs will still walk with aplomb!

  35. Everyone needs to know that it will be the good ‘ol boy club that allows this E9 to retire w/ benefits after his civilian trial days are over. Take a note of it all you active sailors out there, this case will set a precedent for years to follow. If the good ‘ol boy club is allowed to have it’s way, the precedent that is set will be very very wrong.

  36. RSC,
    It takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. The goatlocker defintely will face a house cleaning one day. And when it does, there will be some celebration goin on. It is a shame that guys make chief based on subjectivity. Merit means nothing to most in all avenues of the Navy.

    Throws the Navy Core Values of Honor Courage and committment right down the proverbial tubes. If you don’t stand out at the smokers pit, play golf or hang out at the Horse and Cow, you can forget ever making chief.

  37. everytime my husband and i would watch those dateline, catch a predator shows, we would argue. he always calls entrapment. i wanted to strangle him. as i posted last week, its all about intent and all about the chat. to those of you who keep on with the innocent till proved guilty ramblings…he intended to walk in that room with a woman he’d never seen before with CONDOMS. the chat is there to read with ones own eyes that dont wear rose colored glasses. go look at craiglist and see what some ppl have posted that actually served with him. as for him believing there is a woman out there who would subject her children to what this man wanted ( there go the hairs on the back of my neck again) god what a sick world we live in today. innocent till proven guilty? his intent and his actions last week did precicely that. innocent, my butt. put your focus where it should be. i cant imagine what his family will have to endure to get thru this.

  38. BooBoo
    I never spent time in the smoke pit, horse and cow, or the golf course. I made not only Chief but Master Chief based on my merits. It is sad that you feel the way you do. Therefore I take it that you feel this way because you haven’t advanced. Maybe if you concerned yourself with what you are doing and not what other people do or get, you might perform above average and be advanced on merit. Oh by the way one bad apple does not constitute a house cleaning of the goatlocker. There is nothing wrong with the CPO Mess. Future E1, dishonorably discharged Scott committed a crime all by himself.
    A Sailor
    The good ol boys club will not allow him to retire. Scott will not get anything except prison time.

  39. boo boo it sounds like you have a lot of hostility penned up? bigsky has said it well, but i must add to his comment.After a long carreer in the navy i feel that integrity is still the driving force. Let me hit you with some knowledge, you say one bad apple ruins the barrel? with that statement you must be just as corrupt by your standards of wisdom. I dont think you are but if i believe what you say you must be, just remember that humans in and out of the navy are humans, and i am a firm believer that most people are good, and the cpo mess is made up of men and women full of integrity(DOING THE RIGHT THING WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING). so boo boo i hope your tunnel vision improves .

    gmc retired

  40. Bigsby,

    I am NOT, nor have I EVER been in the Navy. I, as an objective observer, have seen PLENTY of guys get passed over who were far more qualified than some of the idiots I have seen promoted to chief. And when I say idiots, I mean idiots. I have seen guys take credit for work they NEVER DID and the poor guy who did all of the work got less than reasonable marks on his/her evals. I have seen guys out of body fat and guys who were contantly UA get promoted…YOU may not be seen at the Horse and Cow, golfing, or hanging at the smoke pit. You are one of very few that I have met who does not.

    Here is a question I pose to you. If everything in the CPO mess “goatlocker” is so “above board” then why is everything such a secret during the inititation…why is it such an “exclusive” club? Why are guys with college degrees getting passed over? (Obviously they have drive) Because it is for the most part, a GOOD ‘OL BOY’s club…that’s why. I know a lot of Chiefs and there are VERY few that I know that I would trust to lead…the rest are just wasted space in the CPO mess.

    It’s not always the person’s fault who gets passed over. There are plenty of guys (and I have known a few) out their who can’t forget their feathers were ruffled by someone and have personal vendettas to fulfill. It happens all of the time…and you know it! I see chiefs every day that can’t even spell their own names, much less anything else…
    and will prevent others from promoting if they can because they are a threatened by those who are smarter and better.

    I am not saying ALL chiefs are bad eggs, but a great many of them are. The standards for making chief are not what they used to be and they are letting any Joe Schmo in these days. I see a lot of E-7s, E-8s and E-9’s….not a whole bunch of Chiefs, SR. Chiefs or Master Chiefs.

    Merit has nothing to do with making chief in most cases…it’s who you know and who’s butt you kiss.

    By the way, I was using the Horse and cow, et al as a metaphore. The truth is, there are a few of you who do make it based on merit…but there are even more who do not.

    Evaluations are completely and totally subjective…so HOW can it be totally based on merit?Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. It doesn’t matter how good you are at something if your boss hates your guts for whatever reason. I see it happen all of the time.

    I have been on the outside looking in for a looooooong time and trust me, it ISN’T all about merit.

    I have had really good friends who are chiefs and I have heard some stories that would cause a major uproar in the community because of the questional things that go on behind goatlocker doors…be it during inititation or when on deployment, or even while at home. It’s disgusting some of the stuff I have heard and I no longer wonder why there are so many divorces in the CPO community…or why everything is such a secret.

    The CPO community is not P.O’d because this guy did what he did, they are P.O.’d because he got caught and now the whole CPO community is under the microscope. THAT’s what they are mad about.

    I was talking to a few chiefs a long time ago and I mentioned something very sensitive that I heard from another chief and instead of a verbal response, all the eyes in the room deviated from mine and their heads went down. The conversation changed gears so quickly that I knew at that very moment they knew what I was talking about and that I was speaking the truth. They did not want to “confirm or deny” what I was saying was true. Sometimes, no response is the most obvious response. No, I cannot read minds, but I am very good at reading body language…and I saw a lot of guilt in the room that day…whether it was by association, previous knowledge, or their own actions. I hit a nerve and
    it’s truly sad…because these guys know something and have done nothing to remedy it…why? Because they are part of a “BROTHERHOOD”. You don’t snitch on a brother. No matter what the offense is.

    I am livid about the goings on. It disgusts me.
    So if I sound angry about it, don’t assume it is because I have experienced it first hand…I have seen how the goatlocker has affected many a good sailor and it kills me to see it.

  41. boo boo, for someone that was not in, you have quite allot of knowledge of the jargon. Let me hit you with some more knowledge, you don’t have a clue what goes on as a whole, and your bashing of the navy and the cpo community really shows your I.q. level.Boo i did respect your opinion in your earlier postings but after you started getting ugly and bashing my navy with your sea lawyer ways, i lost quite allot of respect for you, and you sound like a sea lawyer in my book and i will regard you as one.

    navy retired

  42. Navy Retired,
    “Me thinks that thou dost protests too much”…

    First and foremost,
    I am not “bashing” the Navy or YOU as you put it. I am “bashing” those who would prefer to scrape things under the carpet instead of living by the Navy Standards…of Honor Courage and Commitment. I am proud of anyone who serves in the armed forces and I am especially proud of our sailors who have sacrificed their lives…(my father, a WWII Navy vet would roll over in his grave if he saw what I have seen) you took my comments, and decided that that is the way I feel about ALL Sailors and the Navy…not true at all.

    I know that the CPO community is a “Brotherhood” which is common knowledge…You know it as well.

    I have seen guys sell their souls to get into that “brotherhood”. Guys who I know who became chief suddenly clam up when sensitive issues are raised. They no longer have an opinion on a subject they had no problem talking about before they became chief. WHY is that?

    If the CPO community as a whole is taking a hit, it’s because of the way many of them turn their heads when they know something is going on that shouldn’t be.
    Notice I said “many” not “ALL”.

    It would seem that I hit a nerve with you too. Maybe, you were on the up and up when you were in the military, maybe not. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I am not judging you or anyone. I am judging behaviors that are unacceptable. I am only calling it like I see it…which is from observation.

    I will back down a little and admit that any info that I have received from past and present chiefs is based on subjectivity…I can only go by what they have told me.

    You have no right to judge me because I spoke out. That does not make me any less credible than you. I only know what I have seen.
    And I have seen some blatant egregious behaviors.

    YOU know as well as I do that there are many Chiefs, who get away with murder because they are part of the club. It’s buddies helping buddies…

    When a group proclaims to set itself up to such high standards, it is only natural when they fail, for people to be disappointed.

    I am no “sea lawyer” as you put it. I am a person who would do the right thing no matter what the consequences were…I also admit when I am wrong AND I TELL THE TRUTH no matter what.

    Doing the right thing when no one is looking? THAT’s a laugh. INTEGRITY?!? I have more integrity in my pinky than a lot of E-8s and above that I have come across.

    As for my Intelligence, believe me, I am FAR more intelligent than you could ever imagine. I have made no personal attacks on anyone…but, you lowered your intelligence by attacking me personally because you have taken my remarks as a personal attack on you…

    I know MANY Chiefs who are wonderful and caring human beings…who would die before they would do anyone any harm and have been shunned by their “brothers” because of it…because they dared to step out of the box. THEY are the CHIEFS…The TRUE CHIEFS..
    No, I do not know 1st hand what goes on behind closed goatlocker doors…and I am not so sure I would even want to.

    I do know enough to know that the people who have told me things would not lie to me…what would they have to gain? ABOSLUTELY NOTHING. AND, I have nothing to gain either.

    I am VERY respected in the Navy community…mainly because I do not mince words and I am not afraid to speak my mind and call it like I see it. I am the round peg in the square hole.

    It’s not just YOUR navy…I pay the taxes that fund your retirement pay so I have as much stake in it as you. I may not have served…and honestly, I am glad that I did not put myself through the torture of the politics that I see and have seen for many years.

    I raise my glass to TRUE CHIEFS…not to those who would cover up corruption.

    AND navy Retired,
    before you attack anyone on their intelligence, I would suggest you do a spell check…the word is “a lot” or sometimes even “alot” but never “allot”.
    Not a personal attack, just making a point.

  43. Navy Retired,

    When boo became emotive he or she lost his objectivity. Since retiring last year as a senior chief I have noticed a few things. Socially, when I run into retired E-6’s or E-5’s they tend to tell others they retired as a Chief.
    There’s a retired Navy E-6 that was organizing a party for his 18 year old step daughter. He became frustrated, emotive and angry over a tiny little thing. He stated in a an angry tone: “I guess my anger is the reason I did not make Master Chief.” Interesting? Did not make much sense to me!
    We have many good sailors, but it’s not good enough to be good enough. As for E-9 Scott, his career is over.

  44. Navy Retired and Retire SC,

    Honestly, I really didn’t want to get into a hate fest and I am more than willing to take the blame for my part in it…

    First, let me start over and for what it is worth, I want to say, “thank you for your service”. I am in no way passing judgment on you. I do not know you. I obviously came off that way, and I apologize.

    You mentioned in an earlier post (or someone did) that I have pent up hostility…I DO. I have watched things happen for over 20 years and I guarantee if you had seen what I have seen, you would have some pent up hostility also.

    I DID get emotional because all of this hits a nerve with me. But, that does not change my original objective observation. I don’t think all Chiefs are bad. I know they are not. I know that it is not a genetic trait…
    But notice how you guys are quick to jump to the Chief’s Mess’ defense even though you know that the things I have mentioned do in fact go on.

    I agree with you 100 percent that anger can screw a career up. But, sometimes, there is no other way to release that anger so people vent. Doesn’t make us less credible or objective and it doesn’t make us liars or “sea lawyers” as you put it.

    I am angry. And rightfully so. Let’s step out of the Navy box for a minute.

    I find it funny that when people leave a place angry or bitter that everyone else, instead of admitting that that person was wronged, they instead call them a disgruntled employee… OF COURSE they are disgruntled. The word disgruntled is misused constantly…look it up in the dictionary and you will see what I mean. Disgruntled does not make a person’s anger or bitterness unjustified.

    I am so tired of the victim always being the blame for the bad behavior of their offenders. While there are plenty of people out their who do “play” the victim and I have seen my share of those too (and THEY are the bad apples that ruin it for that bunch)…for every one or two of them, there are just as many, if not more, who are truly victims of someone else’s wrong doings. It is as true in the Navy world as it is in the outside world. When someone goes unheard, they become angry and bitter…that’s when they become “whiners”.

    Unfortunately, when you have people like Scott, in a position of power making very poor decisions, it makes one wonder just how corrupt the rest of the system is. THAT’s why you get knee jerk reactions.

    I surely have seen my share of corruption in the military. No, I was not nor have I ever been in the military as you are still suggesting. But I have been around the military long enough to know what I have seen.

    Is everyone bad? No. But, there are enough bad apples that ruin it for the whole bunch. (I am not saying that everyone is a bad apple.) It is an analogy.
    I am sure you have heard the words, “Guilt by association?” Unfortunately, that is the way the world sees things.

    Right now the Navy is under some major scrutiny…First you have Scott and then you have Perkins right after him. It’s no wonder you have bitterness seeping out of every crack in this blog and other blogs. Those who have been waiting for justice are now seeing justice being served.

    As for the E-5’s and E-6’s who are lying about their past positions, that is truly sad…one must wonder why they feel they have to lie about it. Maybe because they want to feel accepted? Doesn’t make it right, but there is something there that caused those feelings to be so strong that they feel they have to lie.

    Hostility and bitterness doesn’t come from nowhere…it has been building and building for a long time. Hostility and bitterness is often justified. Unfortunately, for some, it holds them back from moving forward. In my case, it has only made me more determined to always do the right thing regardless of the consequences. I have often made unpopular decisions but, I have gained respect because of it. Needless to say, people either stay far away from me or want to be as near to me as possible. Overall, people know not to mess with me or do me wrong.

    I am by no means saying I am perfect and flawless…my anger does sometimes get the better of me …but for the most part, it keeps me sane. At the very least, I am willing to admit that.

    As for my objectivity, I consider myself a pretty logical person. I know what I see especially when it is blatantly in my face.

    I am VERY happy where I am at in my life. I have no personal vendettas against anyone. I am a kill them with kindness kind of person. I am the kind of person who will take an underdog under my wings…and I guess that is what I have done here. I am sorry if I offended you along the way.

    Here is a challenge to both of you…I assume you have seen some things that are less than kosher…what did you do or have you done to remedy that? Did you turn your head and pretend you saw nothing…or did you step up to the plate and act out on honor, courage and commitment? Did you ever hold anyone back because you just didn’t like them or because they ruffled your feathers? Did you see a “brother” do someone else wrong and turn a blind eye? When you were told to shut up because you were standing up for the right thing, did you stand your ground or did you shut up? Obviously, these are all rhetorical questions that I am not expecting you to answer publicly. Did you take the word of another chief about someone and pass judgment on them before you even got to know them yourself? Or did you make your own personal judgment?

    But if you can look in a mirror and answer these questions honestly, then you are and will always be “CHIEFS”.

    Just remember, your actions or lack thereof in the past could have been responsible for the unjustified downfall of a good shipmate.

    E-7s, E8s and E-9s are cowards that don’t stand up for what is right…CHIEFS do just the opposite

    When I say I have SEEN things, I have. I am not lying…I am not fabricating, nor am I exaggerating. When I say I have been told things…I am not lying, nor am I fabricating. There are many chiefs who have not been promoted based on their honesty and standing up to do the right thing.

    Sometimes being the best of the best is not enough…because someone has made sure that it was not enough. To say that it does not happen is downright dishonest. And I have no doubt that you have seen it for yourself. I am not accusing you…I am just stating the obvious.

    One more thing, there was a chief that I knew that right from the start, I did not trust…there was just something about him that said, watch your back around him. After a couple of years, I overheard a conversation he was having and gained a little respect for him and even apologized for pre-judging him. He had no idea I didn’t trust him in the beginning…but, I felt compelled to tell him that I was unjust towards him…about a year later after building a friendship with this guy, I found out about some things that he did. I found out that he truly wasn’t my friend and that I needed to watch my back…he was a poser…someone who talked a big game…but never followed through on his promises. I found out that he was a liar from his own actions…that he was plainly, full of crap. I know better now. I know now that my original feelings were justified and swore never to apologize for my first instincts…because they generally end up being correct.

    I am sure, without a shadow of the doubt that this guy made chief on the skirt/hem of someone else. I have seen it time and time again.

    So, if I am angry or hostile, consider what I have witnessed…any trust I had has turned into skepticism and cynicism. It’s a natural response. Everyone I come in contact with now for the first time is suspect.

    Don’t be angry with me because I have vented my feelings…be angry at those who have given the Chief’s Mess a bad rep. These thugs and slugs I fore-mentioned spread disease where-ever they go.
    If you are truly innocent of any of my claims, then you have nothing to defend…but don’t blankly defend the whole Chief’s mess…and I promise from now on not to get hostile, and blankly accuse.

  45. BooBoo,
    You need to just STOP. This isn’t about you, and you have not served, so please, just STOP.
    Stop bashing my Chiefs’. They are where they’re at for a reason, and I’m tired of you degrading them. You know nothing about us Sailors, so don’t think you do.

    Yes, E-9 Scott has done a horrific thing, but don’t bring the CPO Mess into this. Unfortunately, this will reflect on the CPO Community as a whole, and that is a shame. It will also reflect on the Naval community, again a shame. I pray that somehow, someway my Navy will figure out a way to help the wife of E9 Scott. She has been beside him from the beginning, and she has done NOTHING to have this served up to her. His wife is such a great gal, and she has stood behind him and supported his career for as long as I have known her. I pray that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but I pray more so for his wife.

  46. Original Navy retired,
    How dare you tell me to stop! Just because I did not serve in the armed forces it does not give you the right to silence me.

    This is what I get when I offer up an apology and an Olive Branch? Although, I expected this kind of response which only confirmed my original feelings.

    Bottom line is I HATE injustice. I deplore it. And I have a right to stand up against it when I see it happening, regardless of whether I served in the military or not. I truly care about the guys and gals who serve, and when I see them hurt, I feel it.
    That does not make me a bad person…that makes me caring person. If I speak the truth and you don’t like it…TOUGH.

    I never said it was about “me”. It was about YOUR group of good ‘ol boys giving MY DAD’S Navy a bad reputation. I must have really dug up a lot of truth to create such an uproar.

    Last I heard, it was a free country and I can say anything I want. Isn’t that what you protect…our constitutional rights? Or does that only apply to YOUR Navy “Chiefs”?

    This is a forum…if you don’t like what I am saying then get off the bus.

    This is not about his wife and never was. This is about the corruption that exists in YOUR ranks.

    As for you, I rest my case. What YOUR navy “chiefs” do, affects the rest of the truly Honorable guys and gals in the navy…and those associated with it. I never “served” because I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of “BOYs” or “GIRLs”.

    Once again, I get the typical (E-whatever you were) response. If you guys are going to get up and quote the Navy Core Values, and expect those below you to uphold them, then I would suggest you start practicing them yourself and be the example.

    Not once in all of my postings has anyone denied or confirmed my assertions…I have only gotten defensive attacks…which makes you and your “brothers” look all the more guilty.

    Even in your comment “they are where they are at for a reason” doesn’t mean they got there honorably. But I guess you would know that already. Everyone is where they are for a reason.

    Look, if what I have said isn’t true, then challenge me…say it isn’t so…otherwise, shut up and take the heat.

    Oh, one more thing, don’t use Scott’s poor wife to divert an exchange that makes you uncomfortable. It’s disgusting and it only makes you look small.

  47. Boo,

    To answer you question, yes I did take action all the way up to the Chief of Naval personnel and MCPON. The Navy selected an E-6 for LDO when he had a drug use conviction. I was present at his captain’s Mast for smoking pot. A few years later he applied for the LDO program and was in fact selected. I worked through three senators and was a personal pen pal of the CNP for about two months. I had an hour long conversation with the MCPO over the issue. I lost the case. However, 4 years ago in 2003 the same E-6 that made LT LDO did drugs again and was booted out of the navy. You wanted an example so I gave you one. I hope this helps. Chiefs don’t just stand by and take it. Many issues are resolved behind closed doors and the troops never see or hear about these issues. But we are there fighting to maintain honesty in the navy. The drug using LDO was kicked out and so will E-9 Scott.

  48. Retired Senior Chief,
    THANK YOU! If I offended you personally, I apologize. And I will “stand down”. You are truly a brave individual…an honorable individual for standing up against those higher than you. Not that it matters what I think, but I APPLAUD people like you who have guts. You obviously think and care about your guys. I only wish I saw it more.

    Thank you for your service.
    Despite my early posts, I really do honor and thank all those who serve this country…thorns and all.

  49. As a family member of Ed Scott, I feel sadness at what he is accused of doing. And I still stand behind the ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ I know it appears, based on news accounts, that he is guilty, however, in several cases the news accounts are incorrect or the media has published information that never occurred. My wish for the media is to get it right, report facts, not speculation. With facts, I support each individuals right to form their oppinion, but when things presented are inaccurate, the professionalism of the media is questioned.

    It also makes me sad to see a Naval community attack each other. As a veteran, my experience with the ‘chief’ community has been top notch. Yes, there are ‘chiefs’ that use their position for personal gain, but that occurs in every walk of life. In no way do I think the ‘chiefs’ are trying to hide behind the goatlocker, most stand up for what they belive is right. In my early military career, most ‘chiefs’ were a source of leadership, guideance, and mentorship, some were not. It is unfair to blame all just because of a few.

    For those of you praying for the family, I thank you.

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