The Evidence Mounts

Court documents allege that Edward E. Scott was headed to a Bremerton motel Friday to begin a deviant sexual relationship.

It would turn out to be the end of a month-long investigation by undercover detectives.

Though his story appears to change in the probable cause statement for his arrest, the allegations involved various forms of sex. He’d brought condoms along, too.

But in a previous entry on this blog — no matter how you felt about the allegations — many of you chose to make a point of “innocent until proven guilty.”

I know that as a reporter, I want to get you the information as fast as possible. However, when the evidence mounts against someone in court documents — through interviews, court appearances, and especially detectives’ reports — public opinion can sway.

I am impressed that many of you will wait until the outcome of Mr. Scott’s court case before passing judgment.

53 thoughts on “The Evidence Mounts

  1. Dear Family member,
    I am truly sorry for what you are going through. There are always two sides to every story but when the evidence is so blatantly obvious, it is really hard to believe anything else.

    Yes, things like this cause division in people who would otherwise be on the same page. I wish it weren’t so, but, it is. If this has brought you pain, I am sorry for it. No one is blaming the family, in fact, I think we can ALL agree that we are praying for a fast recovery from all of this. Just like everything else in this world and even in the news, the interest in this story will soon fade and we will have something else to talk and argue about. Until then, I am praying for your family and hope that this is over soon.

  2. Dear Family Member,

    God speed to the Family of E-9 Scott. I just hope that the Navy will make some considerations for the family when this man earns his discharge.

    Retired Senior chief

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