Creepy Chats

For this Sunday’s edition, I am at work on a story about the new world of internet sex crimes — and how law enforcement is working undercover to lure predators before they strike online.

I thought I’d give those of you who read the blog a preview of what’s coming. This so-called “new frontier” of internet crimes is a scary one. To give you an example, I’ve posted below an actual chat log between a Kitsap County man in his 20s and a 12-year-old girl.

(Note: This is an actual excerpt from a MySpace chat between a 25-year-old Bremerton man and a real 12-year-old Kitsap County female, not a member of law enforcement.
Since MySpace doesn’t allow anyone under 14 to have an account, the girl had posted her age as 100 to disguise her real age. The man had apparently viewed the girl’s MySpace home page.)

6:57 p.m.
man: u don’t look like no 100 year old … lol
(The two chat back and forth and the girl says she is 14-years-old, the man reports he is 25-years-old.)
7:10 p.m.
man: o damn is righ was plainin to ask u out tonight … lol (he then discloses to her where he lives).
7:22 p.m.
girl: will I was looking for just hanging out and some booty calls u would get in trouble cuz im a minor … lol
7:24 p.m.
man: lol prolly right bout the trouble, but who says that would stop me, who says i dont like trouble? … lol
(Chatting continues)
7:34 p.m.
man: so, any luck finding a booty call?
(girl says she has no way to drive anywhere.)
man: well what if a guy had a car and could get 2 u?
(girl says she would need a babysitter for siblings)
7:55 p.m.
man: well cant ur sis watch her? I could pick u up and have you back by 11 or 12
(girl says she can’t meet him)
8:01 p.m.
man: that’s to bad I was looking fwd to breaking the law with u tonight (many times) … lol just was well though I guess

2 thoughts on “Creepy Chats

  1. WOW! I have my kids passwords for myspace. They of course have no clue that I do. Parents pay attention or you could end up with a dead kid. Or you could end up dead if a whacko finds out where you live. In my business I have found lost kids on myspace. It is Hot right now and easier than you could imagine to find out just about anything you want to know. My advice is to know what your kids are doing. Even at the expense of losing the trust of your kids. It could save their lives. Get a myspace account and send I love you’s to your kids. it makes them stop and think, and know that they are loved. Mine complain that I embarrass them when they are with friends and they see the “YEP THIS IS MOM” on the subject line. We have a good relationship because I care enough to go to the extreme of spying on them and letting them know[they still haven’t figured out how I know their passwords] I do. I love them and they love me. What a feeling!!!

  2. If they read the Sun blogs, now they know that you have their passwords.
    A friend with two teens asked them for their passwords for MySpace and for AIM, and got them. Then, she found that they had each created new MySpace identities. She found that out because she had her own MySpace page and had invited her children’s friends to be her “friends.”
    So, she invited her own children, via their new pages, to be her MySpace “friends.” The teens went along with her.

    Knowing who is talking to these kids, whether on MySpace, email or AIM or cell phone, and checking on anyone who raises flags, is a big job, but parents have to do it now.

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