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A Called Third Strike?

Under Washington’s Persistent Offender Accountability Act — also known as the “three strikes law” — Wayne Sherman Postlethwait, 48, could face life imprisonment for a robbery at Bank of America last summer.

Postlethwait has previous convictions for robbery, one in Idaho in 1980 for holding up a 7-Eleven for cash and beer, and one for robbing two people in Utah in 1985.

But his possible “third strike” is not a done deal — a “contested hearing” will be held April 30 and a judge will decide whether it qualifies.

And what crimes constitute strikes?

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Not So Bucolic

What’s happening these days on Bainbridge Island?

Two Sakai Intermediate School students, aged 12, were arrested Thursday for purposefully putting strawberry lip gloss into their teachers’ drinks to give her an allergic reaction so they could skip class, Bainbridge police said.

Luckily, the teacher recognized the reaction, and took medication to stop it, police said.

Crime is up about 20 percent on the island — both in property and violent incidents — and some recent stories have some of us in our newsroom wondering: what’s happening in this seemingly bucolic community?

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A Rash of Arsons?

The announcement that yet another blaze in Poulsbo was an arson added to an already lengthy list of suspicious fires — at least for a county our size.

Poulsbo Fire Marshal Jerry Cooper told me this morning by phone that nothing else could have set the Poulsbo-area fire, just to the north of Bond Road near the North Kitsap Medical Center. He suspects that some recent burglaries at the home may be tied to the arson.

From molotov cocktails to lighting up the lingerie aisle, there have been several arsons in Kitsap recently. Here’s a few of the growing rash.

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Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff began to feel burning on her head’

Blogger’s Note: This is an ongoing feature here at the forum that provides synopses to all (or nearly all) recently filed Kitsap County personal injury lawsuits.

A lawsuit filed March 21 in Kitsap County Superior Court alleges a woman getting her hair dyed at a Port Orchard salon was burned during the procedure in October 2005, sustaining “burns to her scalp” and losing “chunks of her hair.”

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‘Where were you drinking, then?’

The Washington State Liquor Control Board keeps an interesting statistic in order to help cops find drunk drivers.

Every law enforcement officer around the state asks a questions of those cited for driving under the influence: “Where were you drinking?”

The answers are tallied, and some of them may surprise you.

I’ve posted below a list of the top ten bars in Kitsap in 2006 who’ve been mentioned by intoxicated drivers after their arrests, according to the liquor control board. I have also listed the top five bars in Kitsap thus far in 2007, as well as for the years 2005, 2004 and 2003.

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Committing a Felony to Skip a Misdemeanor?

A bomb threat this morning, called into the Poulsbo Municipal Court, closed the entire Poulsbo City Hall complex.

No bombs were found, but Poulsbo Police are on the case to find out who called it in.

There have been past cases in which someone charged with a crime has gone to drastic measures — calling in a bomb threat, for instance — to miss a court appearance.

Could that have happened here?

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Check This Out

Dave Cobb of Silverdale sent me a new rouse on an old scam.

His son had placed his car for sale on Soon, an e-mail came from a supposedly interested buyer named “David” and that offered to send the family $12,000, if they’d send $4,000 back to the buyer.

After selling the car locally, Dave’s son received this check (pictured) in the mail. Dave wondered: who did his son know in Italy, where the check’s envelop was postmarked?

No one, actually.

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