Crime and Justice Review: January

Drugs appeared to be the focal point of many crime and justice stories in January, from a meth lab raid by the state’s SWAT team to a bust at Bremerton High School.

Feel free to have a look for yourself.

Below you’ll find the complete wrap up of January’s stories from the Kitsap Sun.

Jan. 30
Shots Fired at an Empty Bremerton High School
Bullets riddled the entrance of Bremerton High School early Monday morning, prompting administrators and police to take extra security measures as students prepared for semesterexams.

Jan. 27
Murder Victim ‘Happier Than He’d Ever Been’
A knowledgeable yet humble sailor. A practical joker. A bit of a klutz. A lover of the outdoors and dressing up in costume.

Jan. 24
No Bomb Found After Threat to Bainbridge High School
A sweep of the Bainbridge High School campus Tuesday for a bomb came up empty, according to Bainbridge Deputy Police Chief Mark Duncan.

Bremerton High Raid Nets Guns, Drugs and 17 Arrests
Police and undercover detectives descended Tuesday morning upon Bremerton High School, making a wave of arrests and uncovering a multitude of drugs including cocaine in one student s backpack.

Jan. 22
Taking the High Out of Meth Labs
WestNET drug enforcement unit stays busy, even as the manufacture of methamphetamine declines.

State Patrol Troopers Run Law Enforcement’s Gamut
Local troopers part of the SWAT team.

Jan. 21
Poulsbo Police Officers a Thing of the Past?
Amid increased service call numbers and a quickly expanding city, Poulsbo Mayor Kathryn Quade has called for an inquiry to determine the future of the local police department.

Jan. 19
Internet Child-Sex Sting Nets Bremerton Man, 53
A 53-year-old Bremerton man arrested Thursday faces charges that he solicited a 13-year-old girl for sexual purposes over the Internet, according to Bremerton Police detectives.

Jan. 18
Police Grab Wrong Man in Bank Robbery Attempt
A 55-year-old Bremerton man walked into a bank Wednesday morning with the apparent intent of robbing it but promptly left when the teller told him she had no bags for the money, according to Bremerton Police detectives.

Jan. 17
1 Pound of Heroin Uncovered in Drug Bust
The West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team uncovered 1 pounds of heroin in an early January bust, continuing what has been a busy month for Kitsap County s primary drug unit.

Woman Killed, Accidents Abound in Tuesday Storm
A Shelton woman was killed in an early morning car crash and scores of minor spinouts and fender benders were reported from the snowfall and ice Tuesday, according to local law enforcement.

Jan. 15
‘Nigerian Scam’ Isn’t Going Away, Police Say
Not even Bremerton Police Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane is immune to what has become popularly known as the Nigerian scam.

Jan. 12
Ex-School Manager Jailed on Child Porn Charges
As she downloaded music from a computer belonging to Bremerton resident Richard Stephen Moore, 55, a local woman noticed two clear plastic CD cases sticking out of the corners of a folded American flag.

Jan. 11
Bank Robberies Up in Kitsap in ’06 – But It s Worse Across the Water
One man single-handedly accounted for a small spike in Kitsap-area bank robberies in 2006, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation s Seattle Division.

Jan. 10
Death Threats Arrive in E-mail Inboxes
At least two area businesses have received a threatening spam e-mail informing the recipient that the sender will terminate them if they don t pay $80,000, according to the Bremerton Police Department.

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