A Classic “Remember When”

Here’s a great story from our archives that I wanted to share with you. This comes courtesy of my local news editor, Ann Strosnider, and is from the Bremerton Sun in 1931, in the days of prohibition.

“Who knows when grape juice is wine? Kitsap experts fail to agree. A jury of five women and seven men, after deliberating about three hours last night, acquitted Marcus Shauhun, Bremerton shoemaker, of possessing liquor.
Shauhun insisted it was simply juice made from pressed grapes. But the witnesses and jurors couldn’t agree on the potency of the 39 gallons of beverage seized at Marcus’ home by sheriff’s deputies. Sheriff Blankenship testified that a half glass of the alleged wine was enough to give him that sensation commonly engendered by intoxicants.
Prosecutor James W. Bryan declared that after he drank a small portion he “could feel it coursing through his veins.”
One of the woman jurors, however, said she felt no effects whatever after an
entire glassful. Defense Attorney Ray Greenwood was permitted to taste the beverage and said it was all right, but added, “I don’t care much for wine, anyway.”
Failure of Kitsap officials to have an analysis made at the time of the seizure greatly weakened the state’s case.”

5 thoughts on “A Classic “Remember When”

  1. I was at an event this last summer on Bainbridge where there was displayed a crashed car, the collision caused by a drunk driver and a person had been killed. A woman and her small daughter asked about the crash and the small girl said “my mom drinks wine all the time and drives the car”. The mother went on to teach her daughter that wine is only grape juice for adults.

  2. Question for people…..I am curious as to if anyone believes in giving people who have had DUI’s a second chance to redeem themselves. I know there are repeat offenders out there and I am not speaking of those, however, there are those where they feel true remorse and try to turn their lives around. So in my opinion, everyone deserves a second chance.

    To forgive is divine.

  3. Funny story,
    Imagine a jury smoking homegrown grass, deciding if it is potent enough to be considered marijuana, today?

    Just about as ridiculous as prohibition in the first place, I guess.

  4. Drunk drivers on public roads are a menace to themselves; they are a menace to others.
    Your question is interesting because DUI’s do get a second chance, then another and another .ad infinitum.
    A drunk driving a car on public roads is in the same class – more so – than a person with a loaded and cocked gun playing Russian Roulette.
    Drunk drivers are not funny, they are deadly.
    Parties are fun…but the host and hostess of drinking parties should be responsible enough to take the keys away from a guest with too much to drink. moreover, see that those guests get safely home without incident.
    If you mean give a second chance to a drunk sentenced for causing a car crash resulting in death … sure. The law gives them another second chance once the sentence has been served and they do not drink and drive again.
    A forgiveness problem might come from the family of the victim/s.
    Divine forgiveness is God’s bailiwick.
    Question for people…..I am curious as to if anyone believes in giving people who have had DUI’s a second chance to redeem themselves. I know there are…

    To forgive is divine.

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