5 thoughts on “A Little Trivia

  1. Did the Kitsap County Coroner know?
    Why would the person dealing with only dead people be the only one allowed to arrest the KCS?

  2. Actually, I would expect that any commissioned law enforcement officer could, assuming the Sheriff committed a crime. Let’s say that he willfully premeditated shooting all 3 of the county commissioners and then marched into their meeting and blasted a hole in each of their questionably coiffed heads. Any deputy or police officer responding could arrest him.

  3. WOW! Guess this is the usual abnormal kind of thing in our County. Is this the same in Pierce or King? Well to bad Jane Jeremy is not still alive and our coroner maybe if she had known this during her term a lot of problems would be non existent today. Thankfully Steve Boyer is a good guy! Learn something new everyday.

  4. Vazandia,

    It is logical to assume if the sheriff did indeed commit that heinous a crime, it wouldn’t take the coroner to come in and arrest him.

    Good point.

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