Two First-Degree Murder Convictions, One County

The Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office landed two first-degree murder convictions this week — one by jury trial and one by plea agreement.

Larry William Clark, 34, accused of the stabbing death of Marty Smith, 46, at Clark’s Viking Crest Apartment on Nov. 4, 2005, reached a plea deal that will likely see him serve 30 years in prison.

Martin K. Warren, 36, was convicted by a jury Tuesday of the patricide of Russell Warren, 61, at the family’s Komichan Lane property on Oct. 11, 2004. Because of “aggravating factors” — his father had a protection order against him — he’ll likely be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

The wheels of justice often turn slowly — especially in the Warren case — but turn they do.

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