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Why All the Cops?

(Blogger’s Note: This is the first installment of what I hope can become a frequent topic. I will often get e-mails or calls from readers asking, “what the heck were all those cops doing.” Well … read on to find out what they were up to in North Kitsap last Saturday.)

Blog commenter Susan Sophia writes:

“My husband are looking at purchasing a house in Poulsbo. On Saturday (Sept. 2) we were driving around to go look at a house and on Totten Road just east of Widme there was a bunch of police cars from all the cities, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island Suquamish… a K-9 unit, the (Kitsap County) sheriffs … the whole nine yards.

How the heck can we find out what that was all about?”

After some digging, it turns out this incident started on Bainbridge Island and spilled across the Agate Pass Bridge, according to Lt. Chris Jensen of the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

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You Said Crime

Combating crime was said to be the “number-one priority of residents and citizens,” of Kitsap, according to a county-hired research group, whose findings were just released.

In the Kitsap Sun’s story, by one of my fellow reporters, Brynn Grimley, the research group interviewed more than 500 county residents, and found that most, “would like to see more tax dollars used to reduce violent and nonviolent crime in the area.”

The survey also found that residents are pleased with county law enforcement’s response to violent and non-violent crime — just that battling it is what they want to see their county government most focused on.

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Speeders Beware

Those who enjoy flying down the highway at speeds above the posted limit should take note: two area law enforcement agencies are out to make speeders pay an amount in dollars that will likely far surpass the reading on their speedometer at the time of the ticket.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office unveiled a “stealth car” — in the form of a Subaru Legacy — that you’d never know was a cop until his emergency lights are in your rearview.

Word has it the sheriff’s office is also on the verge of bringing in two unmarked Dodge Chargers that will, in the same vein as the “stealth car,” be very hard to spot.

The Washington State Patrol has recently added a motorcycle unit to its Bremerton headquarters, tasked with slowing speeders as well. As we all know, motorcycles are easy to spot — that is, after they’ve hit you with radar and caught you doing 10 over.

With these resources, motorists should take notice.

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A little Q & A

To all who asked questions while I was on vacation — thank you!

I’ll answer your queries in order. Click on the link below to find them.

1. Haven’t heard anything yet on the Bainbridge fire; but I will check up and see if there are any new developments.

2. The Ground Zero protest trial we will follow, just as we did the trial earlier this year.

3. Sharon: I will be interested to see what your plans are with regard to “action groups.” Keep me posted!

4. Susan: I will find out what happened and post it on the blog.

Thanks for your questions!