Boyer Wins Re-Election

Current Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer secured his third term in the office Tuesday, beating challenger and veteran deputy Jim Rye by a 69 percent to 31 percent margin.

Boyer, who has held the post for two terms, is a veteran of the Washington State Patrol, serving in that organization for about 25 years.

Rye, a 33-year Kitsap County sheriff’s deputy, is a pioneer in many respects inside the office. He’d planned on retiring in 2007, but said his fellow deputies asked him to run for the position.

Both are Democrats, and with no Republican challenging Boyer in the November election, he’ll likely take the seat.

The position pays $102,502 per year.

4 thoughts on “Boyer Wins Re-Election

  1. I wonder what has happened to the officer who mistakenly grabbed his gun instead of taser to shoot a harmless muttering man out of a tree?
    Was he was fired for such gross misjudgment?
    If not, why not?

  2. Re: Sharon’s comment about the taser weapon confusion: the deputy was a female, and county policy dictates the outcome of her situation, not the sheriff. He simply implements the consequences.

    I, a republican, would have voted for Sheriff Boyer if I could have, because of his ability to respond to feedback and make changes in his management style, which won back the confidence of his subordinates.

  3. I’m sorry the deputy is a woman … women generally have to work twice as hard as a male in a typically male job … they are held up as a role model for women … but then pounced on for goofs that would slide by if a male had made it .. as ‘proof’ that a woman does not belong in the job.
    In this situation, regardless of gender, that deputy clearly doesn’t belong in a job that requires good judgement, quick thinking and response … or no response.
    If county policy is in place for this situation, what is it?
    Is the deputy off duty until the deputy is let go to find a job more suited?
    Thank you.

  4. I was struck by one comment in Karole’s letter wherein she states that Boyer won back the confidence of his subordinates. I can assure you that this is not the case. There are serious issues of substance that caused the majority of Kitsap County Deputies to lack confidence in Boyer. Due to the substance, and the continuation of these issues, I do not see this changing.

    Regarding Ms. Ohara’s comments: It does not matter to myself or other male officers I know, the gender of another officer, as long as they demonstrate competance in the profession. Hopefully the appropriate resolution to this tragic event will ensue.

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