Why All the Cops?

(Blogger’s Note: This is the first installment of what I hope can become a frequent topic. I will often get e-mails or calls from readers asking, “what the heck were all those cops doing.” Well … read on to find out what they were up to in North Kitsap last Saturday.)

Blog commenter Susan Sophia writes:

“My husband are looking at purchasing a house in Poulsbo. On Saturday (Sept. 2) we were driving around to go look at a house and on Totten Road just east of Widme there was a bunch of police cars from all the cities, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island Suquamish… a K-9 unit, the (Kitsap County) sheriffs … the whole nine yards.

How the heck can we find out what that was all about?”

After some digging, it turns out this incident started on Bainbridge Island and spilled across the Agate Pass Bridge, according to Lt. Chris Jensen of the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

A Bainbridge Island man, who was returning home to an area near the intersection of Koura and Miller Roads shortly before 1 p.m., saw an unfamiliar man and a truck on his property, with the truck bed filled with aluminum and other metals that looked to be stolen from the property, Jensen said.

The Bainbridge man called police and the suspect took off in the truck.

The man followed the suspect as he proceeded north on Miller Road, and then onto northbound Highway 305. However, when the suspect attempted to pass another car on the highway to escape from the victim, he realized he didn’t have enough room to complete the pass. The suspect slammed on his breaks, which caused the victim property owner’s truck to hit the suspect’s truck from behind, reports said.

The suspect continued north, which gave police another reason to chase him, because he was now wanted for leaving the scene of an accident, Jensen said.

The victim continued to chase the suspect, until his car, damaged by the accident, gave up on northbound 305 not far across the Agate Pass Bridge.

At that point, Bainbridge officers were coming from the island, Suquamish Tribal officers from the reservation, Poulsbo officers from their city, and even a couple of county sheriffs’ deputies, Jensen said.

They all converged on Totten Road, where the suspect fled the truck. As police chased, a 911 caller reported seeing the suspect hopping into a car with an unknown man on Highway 305.

The suspect remains at large. He is described as a male, 5 foot 10 inches tall, medium build, with long brown hair, Jensen said. Some 911 callers said it looked as if his teeth were somewhat “deteriorated.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

As for the truck the suspect was driving? It was apparently stolen from a Kitsap County resident, and thus couldn’t be traced back to the suspect, Jensen said.

(Special thanks to Lt. Jensen and Kitsap County deputy spokesman Scott Wilson for helping me get this information.)

3 thoughts on “Why All the Cops?

  1. Josh,

    Last night, 9/11/06, I was driving home from the CK PTSA Council meeting on Bucklin Hill Rd. 3 police cars with lights going had pulled over one car in between Nels Nelson & Central Valley in Silverdale at around 9:30PM. What was that all about?



  2. 9/28/06 In Suquamish, there were a lot of sheriff cars, unmarked cars, an ambulane and fire truck at a house on Chicago Lane. The house was taped up with crime scene tape and officers stayed on scene for quite a while. What happenned?

  3. 2/17/07
    Shortly after arriving home around 11:30 P.M. in Port Orchard,on Colchester Dr E, I heard several of what I assume were Kitsap County patrol units responding to a call around midnight of the 16th/17th. I was wondering what had occurred.

    Rob — will look into it Tuesday, and let you know what I find out.

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