Vandals: What Gives?

Vandalism, according to, is defined as:

“Willful or malicious destruction of public or private property.”

In Kitsap recently, there has been more of the “public” kind, including attacks on the Kitsap Sun Pavilion, the Sylvan Way Branch of the Kitsap Regional Library and several area schools.

The culprits have caused thousands of dollars in damages, created eye sores in the community and disrupted the activities of patrons at the sites.

What gives?

Law enforcement often points to the heat of summer, when school is out and teens have more time on their hands.

But according to those who work and play at these public places it is more than that — well, less actually.

It is apathy: a disrespect and blatant disregard for institutions some of us use on a daily basis. A lack of care.

Where have you noticed vandalism? And what do you think is the cause?

One thought on “Vandals: What Gives?

  1. I can understand but not condone stealing when one is starving … but I cannot understand the willful destruction of public or private property for “the fun of it” or “because I was bored”. If indeed most vandalism is carried out by teenagers then where are the parents? Probably telling the arresting officer: “Oh, my kid wouldn’t do that.”
    Vandals, like the rest of us, are products of our environment and that environment seems to have gone further downhill in the past few years. And if the kid is bored … get a job and learn to appreciate the cost to owners and/or taxpayers of the property being vandalized.

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