A Tragic Tale (Or, looking for a pen pal)

From an Alabama prison, a former Kitsap County resident wrote a letter to us detailing a tragic tale — and a plea for help.

Charles Kolb addressed the letter to “Kitsap Sun, Editor,” in Bremerton, and left no other specifications. He begins by saying that he was born in Kitsap but early in his childhood his family decided to move to California.

However, while they were moving, he says his parents were killed in a car crash, and he was put up for adoption.

“The hospital contacted some of my relatives,” he says, “But they would not accept me.”

Social Services took him in for the duration of his childhood.

“I was never adopted, so when I turned 18, I went out on my own,” he said.

So how did Charles Kolb end up at the Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama?

“As luck would have it, I got mixed with the wrong crowd and got into trouble,” he says in his letter.

Now, he’s looking for relatives here in Kitsap. He’d like to find his family and reconnect here. I’ve put his address in Alabama at the bottom of this entry.

He said he has plenty of time for a pen pal, too.

“I would very much like to hear from (my relatives) or if anyone wanted to just write me I would appreciate them and I would surely answer their letters because I have no one.”

Please let me know if anyone wishes to get in touch with Charles.

Charles Kolb, 131672
100 Warrior Lane 1-70
Bessemer, AL 35023

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