Bungle a Burglar

When attempting to protect against burglaries, Kitsap Sheriff’s Deputies spokesman Scott Wilson says its best to provide “defense in depth.”

“The key thing here is lock your doors and windows,” Wilson said. “Lock your cars. Better yet — lock your cars in your garage and lock them.”

A slew of burglaries hit Kitsap over the four-day weekend, one many residents chose to hit the road for a short vacation. Kitsap’s burglars might have utilized a family vacation as an opportunity.

Wilson said even if you go on vacation and lock all the doors, there are many other things you can do to help prevent theft, such as:

* Know your neighbors: Get to know the people around you so that when suspicious cars or people are in the neighborhood, you know who to look for — and who’s watching your back.

* Get an alarm: If you’re one of those people in Kitsap or North Mason’s more rural areas where neighbors can’t help scan for burglars, get a computer to help you do it.

* Have good visibility around the home: Keep trees and landscaping thin so burglars can’t scope your home without seeing them. Keep outside areas lit at night to help you do so as well.

Do you have other good tips? Feel free to comment below.

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